You can see and know God. I do. I have spent the last thirty-eight years knowing God directly in myself and in seeing and knowing God in the consciousness of all individuals and this includes animals and insects. Everything is God. The more we evolve in consciousness the more we love. God is our evolving consciousness. The focal point of this short paper is for a brief and simple telling of what I see and know as God as Consciousness.

When I realized the meaning of the koan from Zen, WORDS ARE TRAPS, which came to me in an explosive flash of released kundalini energy, I realized God as our Universal Mind or Soul. I see the state of the ego of a person. Seeing the state of the ego of a person has been called cardionosis which is the ability to read hearts. This is deep and sensitive knowing. The permanent state that I have been blessed with has been called Cosmic Consciousness. Yoga calls my state nirivikalpa samadhi. Saints of different traditions have acquired this spiritual state and not all proclaimed saints have had this state. We share this Universal Mind/Soul inside each of us. We share Mind/Soul sameness. Most people have the potential to have the Universal Mind brought into conscious awareness. Our Universal Mind/Soul, God as Consciousness, is obstructed in us by the ego (self-importance) part of our individual personalities. There is a division inside almost all of us between the Universal Mind of God and the ego. The goal of religions and nature spirituality has always been for God and ego to merge and become one inside us. Our motives become pure and God or the Great Spirit then works through our individual personalities. Because God merged with the ego inside me, the merger then revealed that God became unobstructed or unveiled in me. I entered the Universal Mind or merged with our God Consciousness. The reality of our shared Universal Mind/Soul or God Consciousness became clear in me. This natural clear state gives me the ongoing ability to see and know the obstructions that block Universal Consciousness in people. I realized that Jesus as teacher and healer was transmitting reception to us for attaining clear Universal Consciousness (enlightenment) and healing with it. A person in my state still has an ego. A person who does not have an ego leaves the planet. The ego in my personality was transformed or transfigured into what has been called a ripe ego. A ripe ego is a teaching ego.

Up until now I have never attempted to make any money because of my Cosmic Consciousness. I have decided to join the world spirituality movement and help humanity become more conscious, that is, healthy, and I need a little more money than I have now to pay expenses. The more conscious you become the more you understand what love is all about. Your faith in everything becomes stronger because you see and know God as our Universal Consciousness. You have found out that you do not die. You have found out that you go back to the mind of God. You have become liberated. This is what your life is all about.

I have spent the last thirty-eight years studying to understand what happened to me after I received a vision that made me understand the unity of humanity along with hearing the voice of God. I was not around anyone who understood my condition. I devoted my whole life struggling and studying for years to find out what had happened to me. Purity of motive is what is important. My vision refines and enlightens me further on a daily basis and so does my cohort. Thus far, I have given information away free that emanates from my evolving Cosmic Consciousness. I want people to achieve Self-Realization and not just struggle through life with a God or Nature obstructed consciousness. I see how my efforts have permeated world-wide. I see how my generosity has given confidence to others to go forward with inspiration in their work for waking others up. My motives have been successful so far.

So, I see the obstructions in others that block pure Universal Consciousness or God in others. In catholic school they taught us that God is love. This means that God is Consciousness. The more conscious we become of each other, the more we realize that we need to be sensitive to each other because we are all on a collective path where we are removing obstructions to divine consciousness. When we evolve individually we evolve collectively. We learn to be sensitive to each other because we come to see and know how our actions affect everyone. We awaken to feeling how our actions affect each other. Our emotions become balanced as our conscience activates us to emotional awareness. While we step out of our egocentric pathology we realize that others are just like us inside, that is, we share Universal Consciousness. We heal and remove our obstructions to the true love consciousness of God. The healing and removing of obstructions opens us up to the full potential of our Spirit. A person comes to know God as one’s own unobstructed consciousness by seeing God as Consciousness. On the path to eventually seeing God as Consciousness a person removes obstructions that keep God hidden in the unconscious part of the mind. God is actually formless as consciousness. This takes work but it gets to be fun when you understand it in a fun way or through a fun context. Removing the obstructions is making the unconscious part of the mind conscious. I know God by knowing my consciousness. You know God by knowing your consciousness. My consciousness is your consciousness. Your consciousness is my consciousness. We all share the same consciousness. This same consciousness is obstructed more in some people than in others. It is that simple. Removing obstructions of the ego is the Universal path to seeing and knowing God. We love everyone. Everyone is our friend. You can see and know God.


A mature whole brain thinker deciphers everything in a lectio divina fashion.. The majority of persons only use left brain (reasoning) thinking and disregard or many times do not trust the right brain which is intuition and perceives in wholes. An enlightened person becomes a whole-brain perceiver. Good heart-felt and mind-created rhetoric is intended to raise consciousness. God is love as consciousness. When the consciousness is raised blocks to love or blind spots to love are cleared. So what can be taken one way by a mainly left brained reasoning person can be taken just the opposite by a whole-brain thinker. Contemplation is intended to make us whole-brain perceivers. A mainly left brained reasoner can be stuck for a while in discerning a message in not the way in which it was intended by the developer. As examples, hyperbole and irony can at first throw a message discerner off into bafflement even taking them in the complete opposite direction turning a love intended message into a hate intended message. If in doubt – inquire. If true heart-felt hyperbole and irony are not perceived as intended right away they are intended to convey the message later to the receiver. Many times a message’s true meaning will instantly fall into the receivers consciousness when the person is relaxed and turn a left brained interpretation of hate into the intention which was love when the whole-brain is active, but, like I mentioned above, the intuition needs to be trusted. Hyperbole and irony are artistically employed by writers in general and oppressed people in the communication arts daily. Editors are concerned about hyperbole and irony as they understand that people can take the messages literally.


Jesus forgave His enemies because He realized that His enemies could not help what they were doing. “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” This means that His enemies were not “conscious” enough to realize that we all share a part of the Universal SouL or Universal Christ. God is Consciousness. The same Self in all of us is what we need to be aware of. We are just in different bodies. We have the consciousness of Jesus buried inside of us. We slowly recognize the consciousness of Jesus inside of us. We can also recognize the consciousness of Jesus inside of us in a flash.


I learned in speech class that “good rhetoric is heart felt and mind created.” Sometimes messages or posts are intended to act as a mirror for a person or persons as to what they are doing to their self on the spiritual plane. Strong rhetoric can be intended to take a person to the core of their being, that is, to their heart, and it is aimed at waking the person up to higher consciousness. Consciousness of deep-deep… overall reality is what Jesus was about. Consciousness is God as Love.


Part of awakening to higher consciousness is strengthening the Self through gaining the courage that comes with direct truthful communication. Yoga tells that the fifth chakra is the spiritual center for communication. The fifth chakra, or a person, becomes healthy when a person achieves the level of confidence that gives the person the courage to look others in the eye and communicate with truth directly. I am writing here about general communication that is communicated directly. Healthy communication achieves results. A person with a healthy fifth chakra does not play games with others. A person with a healthy fifth chakra is on their way to the state of enlightenment. A major block to enlightenment is that most people labor under the delusion that others cannot prove they are “lying”, purposely misinforming or manipulating some kind of an illusion. The healthy fifth chakra person has attained the growth that has emerged them from the shadows of passive-aggression and adult peekaboo communication. Interestingly, the reason why many marriages and relationships end at around the two year period of association is because the game of adult peekaboo has come to an end and people are seen for who they are. Jesus said, “the truth will set you free” and He was speaking about awakening to the true state of enlightenment, John 8:32.


Honoring your parents or guardians is honoring the Cosmos or the Universal or Cosmic Christ. Most parents are unconditional love or wish they were. Parents see a piece of the same soul (their souls/our souls) that we all share in their children and with more spiritual understanding ideally extend their unconditional love to other children and people in general. We share the Sacred Heart or Sacred Soul of Jesus and the more that we work at goodness to understand this fact the more do we see our shared soul in each other. We begin to see our Self in everyone. Orphans are here to teach us love.


For me it is normal to not eat land animals and water beings. I make the exception when I am being entertained by others as to not insult them. Jesus told the apostles to “eat what they give you” so as not to insult the host, Luke 10:8. This dietary advice from Jesus sounds like the advice coming from a vegan/vegetarian. I cannot imagine Jesus regularly desiring to eat other beings – can you? I do agree that we should put our faith in the teachings of Jesus who teaches us how to be masters of life. Jesus gave us the Message of Life with his teachings. The message is that life continues after death, that is, life and death are One. Be good Everything is a manifestation of Spirit.


Thoughts and feelings about condemnation, accusation and fear can come from the misinterpretations of the receivers of communication. The more elevated a person becomes the less will be their own thoughts of condemning others, accusing others and fearfulness. Fear is a normal response when a person is up against mass ignorance. Jesus experienced fear so bad when He was up against mass ignorance that He suffered from hematohidrosis, that is, the sweating of blood.

 A person can manifest their own demonic situations and hallucinations, which come from the person’s own energy, not really a demon, because the person is in rapport with evil and has not conquered it enough in the self. For example, a panic attack, or high anxiety attack, manifests due to a person’s thoughts and feelings being out of balance. The person’s system is toxic and their diet is also off balance. I had two panic attacks when I was nineteen. I was struggling with the world as we all are. A panic, or high anxiety attack, is really kundalini rising in a toxic fashion. This is a big reason why most spiritual seekers need a guru or a knowledgeable spiritual director. It depends on how conscious you want to become. Jesus knew this when He cast out demons. A simple example of casting out a demon is helping an addict to quit.

A closed, or partially closed, soul can be opened. A reason why we are not supposed to judge is because the inner state of the sender of the communication may be higher than the inner state of the receiver of the communication who can project their lower state onto the sender and can go as far as murdering them. Misinterpretations of motives go on in everyday life. Jesus suffered from mass ignorance projected onto him. The average person cannot tell truth from falsehood and can be easily duped.