My upcoming book concerns the necessary Universal information that Jesus imparted to His apostles in order to enlighten them.

The first book in the series of upcoming books deals with the mental and emotional strengthening needed to achieve Enlightenment. I consider it our book because we all share the same Universal Self in our different bodies. The book is for everyone. My pre and post-enlightenment progress will be discussed as lessons in future books. We are in the evolutionary process of collectively growing so as to slowly adapt to the higher energy of our cosmos.

The massive energy that I opened up to made me a fish out of water for years. It took me years to understand what happened. Fortunately, I was an athlete and I used running and hatha yoga to adapt to the high energy.

A slowly evolving humanity will be able to accommodate the energy that comes with us birthing our Universal Self into conscious and physical awareness. The apostles intended to plant and follow up with the needed seeds from Jesus that would slowly grow us into an enlightened society.

We ended up with much needless speculation because of the murder of the enlightened apostles and others.

These enlightened people were misunderstood, slandered, and murdered. Saints, witches, shamans, and others pleaded and screamed for us to realize (Self-Realization) our Universal Holy Spirit Consciousness. Jesus told us to spiritualize everything that we do. When we spiritualize everything that we do we realize (Self-Realization) the virtue of Charity. The virtue of Realized Charity always considers the whole of humanity. Jesus/Buddha/Krishna Consciousness is Charity personified. The realized virtue of Charity carries Enlightenment with it.

Though shall not kill.


Jesus transmitted Universal Consciousness to His apostles in the hope that they would transmit it to the world. The greatest tragedy in the history of the world occurred when the apostles were murdered.

We have to realize (Self-Realization) that the apostles were newly enlightened and had lost their teacher. It is not like they had been enlightened for years. The apostles were taught in their culture and used the language of their culture to make universal realizations.

I became nonattached from the world that most of us know when I went out to become a stand-up comedian. My nonattached lifestyle readied me for seeing and knowing the clarity of our Universal Mind. We all share our Universal Mind or Self. Because of my circumstances, I did everything right by accident and ended up with golden firelight coming off of my body as I realized (Self-Realization) myself and everyone else at the same time. The heads of the enlightened masters that I saw within the cloud that appeared before me signified that we are universally the same inside ourselves. We universally have the same Self inside us/we/I. This is the same as the tongues of fire (Holy Spirit) that appeared at Pentecost. At the moment of my waking up from the conditioned constraints that bind us I also heard an external locution (WORDS ARE TRAPS) uttered by my Indian Psychology of Consciousness professor Dr. Som Gay. WORDS ARE TRAPS is a koan from Zen. A person transcends or sees through language and other illusions at this level of 700. A person graced into upper Self-Realization (700 on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness) lives in the observable reality of Universal Consciousness. At this degree of awareness, a person sees and knows the ratio between ego and Spirit in everyone and has the insights to heal or progress them. We are made to evolve to 700 and above. Hawkins has Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna at 1000. The rare degree of 540 which David Hawkins considers Unconditional Love (forgive us our trespasses said Jesus) is achievable for us. Unconditional Love is not conditioned. Unconditional love is forthright in its communication and is nonmanipulative. Unconditional Love can be reached and so can 700 where we are placed into the peace of knowing that we are all the same inside. This is what is meant by the peace that passes all understanding. We become much more comfortable with ourselves and each other because we realize (Self-Realization) that we are all the same inside. We no longer feel alienated or separate from each other. Once we see and know it we say to ourselves “Oh my God our Universal Consciousness was right in front of my face all along and I did not perceive it”. At the state of our current evolution science is not realizing (Self-Realization) about our shared interpersonal reality that involves the realized virtue of Charity. Much psychological wrestling is going on to get us to collectively realize (Self-Realization) the health needed for us to realize our higher love reality.

Shaktipat refers in Hinduism to the transmission or conferring of spiritual energy upon one person by another or directly from the diety… Wikipedia

Jesus had for a long time readied His inner circle for transmitting the state of Enlightenment to them so they could spread this state to our collective so future generations could live in much higher love than we do now. Jesus had His people become nonattached to study themselves. To achieve the state of higher love that makes us truly realize each other, we need to narrow the collective ratio between our material and spiritual desires. Intellectual understanding does not grant higher love. I recommend that all teachers let go and go off to find their True Selves for four years in order to truly realize the virtue of Charity. It is not just meditation that makes us realize ourselves. In my upcoming book, I will show readers my path to us. It is obvious that we are evolving into a Self-Realized world culture.

POWER VS. FORCE David R. Hawkins, 68-69.


As American screenwriter, Rod Serling would say before some Twilight Zone episodes “Picture if you will…”. Well, picture yourself hovering above the earth observing the goings on. Looking down with a broad tolerant perspective you will notice that we are in the process of being spiritually liberated as one race, i.e., the human race. In their own individual ways Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, et al, and individuals from other professions lead us to what is called union or divine union. This union makes us ONE inside. There is a fundamental or ground floor union that can take place inside us. We are no longer divided within ourselves. You become ONE inside when your individual ego merges with our Holy Spirit. You are not perfect at the fundamental level but ground floor union occurs. We undergo different types of mystical experiences. You and those close to you will know when union happens within you because you will be radically (back to the roots) transformed in Spirit. So, picture if you will the influence of more of us undergoing transformation upon the earth and how we will be…read my book.