The Idealized Image of a person or group is the blockade that suppresses the full Resurrection of The Christ Within Us.

It is my hope that we finally truly realize (Self-Realization or Enlightenment) that what is referred to in the field of Psychology as the Idealized Image is the false self. The Idealized Image of you or of the group you identify with has to be known about, focused on, and cleared away in order for us to realize our shared True Self or what is called by Christianity the Christ within us or the Image and Likeness of God. Hinduism refers to the shared True Self as Atman or the Universal Self. The genie needs to be let out of the lamp. This is the part of the ego that holds conditioning, falsehoods, and lies we tell. Psychology means the study of the soul (psyche). Two books helped me clear away my Idealized Image or false self and made me be real (Self-Realization) and see and know “what is.” Seeing and knowing “what is” possesses the psychological ability to detect the Idealized Image of persons or groups. The abilities to see and know “what is” are part of the condition of Cardionosis or reading hearts. Remember, the same Self (psyche) is in our different bodies. These two timeless and classic books are by Karen Horney, M.D. Karen Horney was a neo-Freudian psychologist known for her theory of neurotic needs, her research on feminine psychology, and her critiques of Freud’s emphasis on the concept of penis envy. The two books are The Neurotic Personality Of Our Time, 1937, and OUR INNER CONFLICTS A Constructive Theory of Neurosis, 1945,.

Happy Easter!

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