In the video below Sadhguru who founded Isha Foundation mentions the path of Devotion as a means to realizing God. Isha means “the formless divine”. Yoga calls the path of Devotion Bhakti and this path compares to the virtue of Charity in Christianity.

The goal of all religions, traditions, or humanity is and always has been the realization of the Self. The same Self or Spirit of all that is the same in all of us. We sense our same Spirit when we are in groups. What we sense in groups is Universal Consciousness. The more we submit or surrender to this same True Self of all which is the goodness inside us the more we come to realize the Universal Mind or Universal Consciousness that we are and share. We are Spirit. We come to understand the internal division between ego/personality and True Self and we become One inside when these “two” merge or create Union. After Union, there is no division or no duality inside you. This has been called God-Realization or Self-Realization. Paramahansa Yogananda founded Self-Realization Fellowship for this reason as did Sadhguru with Isha. Deepak Chopra is a prophet. All religions and traditions have their methods for realizing the collective Self.

Bhakti yoga and Christian Charity are loving devotional services to God or humanity. Whatever we do we do it for God or the Great Spirit as we understand Spirit. We can understand a “form” of God or the Great Spirit as “formless” or both. Universal Consciousness is formless. We run our lives in a Spirit of Truth with Honesty and Devotion to everyone and everything. It is said we are closest to God when we are doing something we love. I found our Great Spirit from whole loving devotion to stand-up comedy. I wanted to make people laugh. The ongoing activities of Bhakti and Charity slowly transform us into seeing (spiritual eye of intuition) and psychologically knowing each other. We come to know that we are everything.

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