It’s not about your gig. It’s about our gig.

Change your focus. Change your attitude. Catch your thoughts when you are thinking about yourself before the whole and change your attitude to love for the whole. Notice how you worry about how you will look – that’s your ego. Notice how you desire to compete and prove yourself. The desire to compete and prove yourself stems from ego and low self-esteem. It is not about “you” or “I.” It is about WE. “Are you with me?” – Dr. Jupian Leung.

Until thought leaders truly transform this basic (101) aspect of ego into a tough and fierce foundational attitude that is about truly orientating for the love of everyone, we will come to a halt in our spiritual development. The Everyone Attitude is not an attitude that is intellectualized or faked. The Everyone Attitude is radiated and transmitted by developed characters who have greatly downsized their egos or have “been through the mill” so to speak. Everyone Attitude people are not “stuck in the mill.” Everyone Attitude people have a twinkle in their eyes and overall body language that vibrates: I love you!

The Everyone Attitude leader has with the swords of extant knowable truth and Self-honesty removed enough of the major personal obstructions of their particular ego that have kept them from getting closer to seeing and knowing (grasping) the unobstructed Universal Consciousness or Universal Mind that we all share. Seeing and knowing “our” or the Universal Mind is, and always has been, the goal of all peoples. The unobstructed formless Universal Mind is the closest we come to the mind of God or to understanding God right now. It’s not about your gig. It’s about our gig. “Do you follow?” – Dr. Joe Mazza.

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