“When I’m not praying I’m really a disgusting person” – quote by Mike in a prayer circle

The True Self Emerges

Believe it or not, this is the type of Self-Awareness that leads to what Thomas Keating, an architect of contemporary Centering Prayer, called the Gift of Contemplation. The Gift of Contemplation Centers in the Divine. We realize how Divine communication works when we are in silence and we are able to take this understanding with us in everyday life.

A few years ago I spent a weekend at a Christian compound in the Wisconsin north woods where surrenderers of all ages were absorbing what was described as a Green Beret type of advanced spiritual training. An effective prayer circle was in use. Prayer Circles are also used in other spiritual retreats and organizations like A.A. An alchemy dissolves the false-self part of the ego. The individuals (souls) in the group, who are at different levels of awakening to the Divine inside and outside of themselves, merge in a union as one soul or spirit that tells the truth and is as honest with itself as it can be. The Universal Mind or Consciousness or Self emerges. This is Group Contemplation or Meditation however you define it. Remember WORDS ARE TRAPS.

Participants who are guided this way by highly Self-Realized instructors who also participate leave the Circle with an understanding of what a truthful inner life is all about. Mike, in the quote above, was reflecting on his brain chatter. Mike was working on purifying his mind-heart connection as we all are. I have known zealous spiritual seekers who have closed themselves off in silence shut-up in small closets to listen to Divine messages that come after the ego is surrendered. Talk Fasts where a person does not speak for a long period of time are also effective for tuning a person into their brain chatter and releasing or raising the Divine inside. A person can communicate with notes while in a Talk Fast. Whatever methods we use to realize our individual and collective human nature the goal is to be ever mindful of the True Self behind the small or false part of our egos or personalities. With perseverence, the True Self will eventually subsume or alchemize the small/false-self part of the ego or personality and become the ego or personality. The Gift of Contemplation is what Centers us in ourselves. The Gift of Contemplation is the same as Self-Realization.

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