What I call the Point of Convergence is the place in your mind where the conscious and the unconscious parts meet. It is like you have drawn a line between what is conscious and what you keep unconscious in you. We come to illumination after illumination as we struggle and make the unconscious parts of us conscious. Psychological conditioning and traumatic experiences can cause us to not want to face ourselves about certain subjects. We may have been brain-washed by a religion and we just do not “go there.” These are inhibitions, that is, inhibitions halt your growth at the Point of Convergence. We were made to be Honest with our Self and to each other. Part of the Great Spirit is pure Honesty. The positive voice in our heads is our Great Spirit. We have to struggle to know when our Great Spirit is communicating to us through our thoughts and feelings. The Great Spirit is our True Self. It takes hard work, coupled with the virtue of courage, to face our Selves which makes the unconscious parts of our minds conscious. We surrender to our Great Spirit. With an ongoing constant surrender we get to the point where we recognize our Great Spirit’s guidance. The more that we wake up to our Great Spirit, the more we realize the multiple ways that our Great Spirit is communicating with us. Our Great Spirit broadcasts to us through all of nature. After we reach a high level of Self-Authenticity we reach a ground floor Union with our Great Spirit. After this ground floor Union with our Great Spirit has been reached, the Great Spirit continually prompts us on to be Love. Our Great Spirit, then, mainly runs our given personality.

You become aware of the Point of conscious and unconscious Convergence as you struggle to be mindful of your inner life. You develop a deep sense of interiority. You become aware of the Point of Convergence inside of you. Knowing the Point of convergence inside of you is great spiritual advancement. To heal your Self, you then face the inhibition, or block, that is at the Point of Convergence. You take it out of the unconscious and analyze it consciously. You deal with whatever you have been inhibiting. This is where our Great Spirit has led you. You now heal your Self by talking the inhibition over with our Great Spirit. This talk can be ongoing and take some time. This is part of the awakening process. This Point of Convergence process is the process of Purification. This process is meant to lead us into seeing and knowing that we all are part of our Great Spirit. This makes us sensitive to each other. We are not energetically separate from each other. We affect each other. The Great Spirit is in us all. We are just in different bodies but we are really ONE spiritual body.

Keep Good Company

My close soul mates and I truly love each other. We are so conscious of our Selves among each other that if we sense that we have said or done something wrong we will discuss the subject with one another. We admit when we have made a mistake. This is an ongoing confession to each other. We have an ongoing conversation for the good. This is True Self to True Self communication. This is the Great Spirit in us keeping loving balance between us. The Point of Convergence is always there no matter how advanced we become. When we, in truth, make the unconscious parts of our minds conscious we are creating Union inside of our Selves. We are truthful with our Self and others. We are disinhibiting ourselves. The Great Spirit, then, merges with our personalities and works through us.

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