In a flash she was transformed into knowing and seeing Universal Consciousness in everyone. This is the reality of the Universal Consciousness that we all share. It was as if someone had turned a ‘light switch’ from off to on in her. Before this happened it was as if she was asleep. Now she was awake. This was like ‘morning dawn’ for her. She was blossoming. She was astounded. She was thrilled. She had braved the ‘hero’s journey’ of knowing her Self. She had told herself the truth about herself. She was accepting herself. She had accepted her unique Self and body. She got rid of her unrealistic fantasies for the future. In this flash of permanent awareness she realized that she truly loved her Self. This Self-Realization experience of illumination made her realize that everyone was basically just like her inside. She discovered our ONENESS. No matter how others appeared to her, she realized that everyone else was struggling to understand humanity like she was. She realized that everyone else was suffering albeit at different levels. She realized that she was not separate from other people. She had a profound understanding that our thoughts, feelings and actions affect everyone. She realized how little time that she had left in her life. She realized that she would keep on improving herself for the rest of her life. But what led her to this Universal understanding about our human nature?

She Had Deeply Surrendered

In her alienation from others, that started long ago when she realized that she could lie, she realized that she could be dishonest. She thought that others could not prove the dishonesty and meanness coming from her because she strategically disguised it. What she did not realize was that other people could feel her dishonesty. Others felt the impure motives that stemmed from her alienated selfishness. Others felt the envy, jealousy, revenge, greed, competition, etc. Others felt her lack of awareness of them. It was her against the world. Because of the repetitive feedback from others telling her about negative aspects of her character, and the constant sorrow that it caused her, she began to tell herself the truth about herself. She hit bottom. Now she was on the road to balancing herself. She started to truthfully bring into her mind the repressed memories she had of others telling her that she had hurt their feelings. This truthful delving into her consciousness guided her into the Universal Realization that others had feelings and are not objects. She realized that we all have feelings whether we are in touch with them or not. She was becoming emotionally intelligent. She was now clearly getting in touch with her thoughts and feelings. Clearly, and truthfully, getting in touch with her thoughts and feelings caused her to be mindful of how she constructed language. She realized the true power that resides in the use of words. She realized that word-power needs to be strictly and purely championed for the good of everyone and everything. She was entering the reality of her Universal Connection with everyone and everything. This is Cosmic Consciousness. She realized that up until this point she could not help the bad things that she had done to others because she was not aware of our intimate connection. She was now truly becoming conscious of herself among others. This dawning of her Self-Honesty was the true beginning of her deep SURRENDER TO THE UNIVERSE, or to CREATION, GOD, etc. She realized that she needed to be non-attached to things. She realized that she needed to really “be in the world and not of the world.” She realized why saints and yogis retreat. She realized that true Self-Honesty leads us to true spiritual strength.

Now she realized what true character development was all about. It is about telling your Self, and others, the truth, as best as you can about everything that involves you/us. This is how we become balanced emotionally and physically. This is how others become attracted to us. This is where we become really confident. We become strong and face matters that seem hard for us. This is where we relax while realizing that we do not have to control everything. We become the Tao. In confident awareness we flow with nature with the good of all in mind.

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