Our Universal Consciousness/Mind/Spirit/Soul is not sexually orientated. Many call this God inside and outside us. I know and see this fact. I cannot deeply explain this fact. This fact is beyond the limited use of language. You can get to know and see this fact like I do. You have to feel/sense this fact from me and find our Universal Reality in your Self and then know and see it in other Selves. We then know and see that we are One.

We use the reasoning part of our mind to gain a strong entrance to, and for, believing our intuition. We us our whole brain. We combine our whole brain with our Universal Consciousness/Mind/Spirit/Soul. Our Universal/Mind/Spirit/Soul is sometimes called our Higher Mind and is connected to everything. Everything is energy.

Your sexual orientation has to do with the way that your particular biology has been formed and made. You may be experimenting with your sexuality. Whatever your present sexual orientation, it is leading you to understand about, and to clearly know and see, our Universal/Mind/Spirit/Soul that has no sexuality.

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