You have to realize that the best feelings that you have and the best voices in your head that instruct and prompt you are of our Holy Spirit. Our problem is that we always do not want to listen to our Holy Spirit because messages from it come to us not through our reasoning mind. Spirit’s messages are beyond the reasoning mind and/or logic. Spirit’s messages come as intuitions of the higher mind. The beginning of being “set free” is knowing this and being able to listen and follow our Spirit. Reaching the front door of heaven is when you know you are developing a sensitive connection to all beings and everything else. Here is where you seriously advocate causes. When you make this cosmic connection you become a “keeper of the cosmos.”

When we in truth fully surrender to our individual reality we are fully surrendering to the Universal and/or Holy Spirit that is in us and is us. If the Spirit emerges clearly into Awareness you will know it in your Self and in others simultaneously. You then know our Spirit. Our Spirit is the same as in the human Jesus. Jesus told us and showed us what to do as a model for us. You realize that we are all a part of the one soul – God. This is our main divine connection and it is individually right inside each of us. The Spirit of Jesus is the Spirit of US. Jesus shows Us that Jesus and US are of the same Spirit. We are ONE with Jesus. Jesus is our Spirit voice inside of us. If you do not like the word Jesus use the words Image and Likeness, or whatever your tradition may call the good voice inside of us. We love Jesus by doing what Jesus told us to do.

Deeply and truly knowing your Self individually is requisite for achieving certain higher illuminations. These are the higher illuminations that set us free and achieve us the state that is believed to be the front door of heaven. This is the resurrection of the Non-Dual Jesus/Christ/Holy/Universal/Spirit within us. When the Spirit strongly rises in you, it takes you up a few notches of knowing and seeing so to speak. You are renewed and you will stay renewed. You have developed your character in different ways and it has payed off. You have blossomed. When this happens you realize that you have achieved the state that all religions and traditions teach about reaching. You know that you have made your life. There is nothing more to do or prove. You are one with everyone and everything. Others are visible to you because you have become visible to your Self. You have returned to the Non-Dual state of perception that you had at your birth plus others are visible to you behind their purported illusions. You perceive clearly. You do not censor your thoughts and perceptions any more. Through this natural developmental process you have literally achieved the knowing of our ONENESS.

When the veils of illusion are removed you are given the spiritual sight of seeing how characteristics of other people’s egos block their clear awareness of our Universal Spirit. You gain the ability to help others truly realize their true nature. Others have to trust you in order for you to help free them. It is ego-fear that keeps others from trusting you. You help others become one inside of their Self and not divided. You are no longer divided between our Universal Spirit and your smaller culturally conditioned ego or small self. When this happens, our Universal Spirit becomes predominant within your ego and/or personality. Our Universal Spirit merges with your ego and/or personality. When this happens, you are also merging with everyone else because we are all the same inside of ourselves. Being brave enough to be truthful in every way gets you to knowing our oneness. Moreover, when you have merged into this Union inside of your Self you are then able to see the condition of others.

The cultural conditioning that you could not help going through since your birth divided you within your Self. The light of your Spirit became dimmed. The strength of the Spirit’s voice became weakened by conditioned illusions of the world that you thought were true. You were fully in touch with our Non-Dual Spirit at birth. When you were born, your perception was that you were connected to everything. The inside of you and the outside of you were one. You were not separate. You were not divided inside of your Self. You were everything before your ego made your inner world not connected to your outer world. You were one with the Cosmos. When you started to lie is when the division between our Spirit and your ego began within you.

Cosmic Consciousness is getting back to this oneness. Complete surrender to truth gets us back to our Universal Oneness. When we get back to realizing our Spirit, we become as “little children.” You have to back-track in your time-line to get back to realizing the unconditioned “little child” that you were in your beginning. This is the beginning state of higher love where I realize my well being. In realizing my well-being, I realize about your well-being and then transfer the realization to knowing all of humanity. I love humanity is the outcome. I love God and humanity simultaneously. God and humanity are inextricably ONE. The Golden Rule makes pure sense. I do not want to intentionally hurt others becomes a general issue. Here is where you become brave. You are becoming balanced and in touch with your reality. You have become truthful. You do not lie and try to trick others anymore. This refined natural state of truth gives you the ability to know when others are not being truthful. Here you become graced with the ability to know how others use language to deceive and you see through other illusions. As the saying goes “the truth will set you free.” You can achieve this ability of clear seeing. The ability lies in the farther reaches of our human nature. You gain the ability to pierce the veils of illusions and see into the heart of matters. Language is too limited for the full explanation of this ability. You have to trust, and be in the presence of a person who has this ability, in order for the possibility of the transmission of parts of the state or the ground floor of this state to occur.

God and the heavenly forces are opened to our knowing when we fully break into disinhibited free-flowing whole brain thinking. Here holographic awareness of one’s personal history formulates into what I have called “holographic knowing.” You know things without reasoning. Answers just come to you. Some may call holographic knowing psychic ability. Holographic knowing is your mind spitting out answers like a computer. In this condition you have a great memory and you remember your history.

If one pursues this route of open mindedness, where the Self truthfully faces the Self, and balances the Self through pondering and applying truths, it eventually leads to loving everyone and everything. “Actual Grace” is channeled to us via our Universal Spirit as enthusiasm to pursue our Spirit.

Cosmic Consciousness is realizing our Universal nature. God speaks through Nature. God speaks through our Human Nature, God speaks through the Nature of all beings and God speaks through everything else. When we realize this fact and are living it out we are close to the front door of heaven and all of the peace and beauty that goes along with heaven. The understanding of the spiritual/physical reality that we are all sensitively interconnected is a fundamental realization for you that pushes you to deeply love humankind. This realization tunes us into the realization of the love that is involved in our nurturing of each-other. This knowing about your sensitive connection to everyone, everything, and really to the whole Cosmos, is the perception of our Non-Dual Universal Holy Spirit of ONENESS taking us to heaven’s door. This is the beginning of the “range of higher consciousness” where we achieve greater and greater peace within our presence in physical life.

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