“Dogs are a little more than human, a little less than divine” Fr. Mike Sablica

And the dog suddenly died. The dog was repeatedly beaten throughout it’s young life. The dog was consistently running away and would run around the neighborhood. The owner was the beater of this dog. The owner was a macho type guy. He bought the large German Shepherd mainly for it to add to his image. The image of a strong-powerful dude. This man never understood the loving care that the dog needed. The owner would not exercise his dog and kept it cooped up in the house. The dog was running away in order to exercise itself. Living in an environment like this the dog died, or somehow made itself die, or something!

By the natural reaction of running away the dog was saying to the man “let’s exercise.” GOD WAS SPEAKING THROUGH THE NATURE OF THE DOG here. The owner made the wrong interpretation that the running away was the dog disobeying him. This man was estranged from our shared nature. The owner’s ego destroyed the dog as he seemed to send all of his life’s frustrations into the beating of his dog.

Your dogs, and other pets, health is a reliable indicator of your health. Dogs are pack animals. Our dogs consider us as pack members. Dogs are hypersensitive with us. Dogs pick up our cares, hurts and diseases. Sicknesses in dogs, and our other pets and animals, are messages that we need to find out about. Your abnormal behavior can be hurting your pets. Our pets tell us if we need to make corrections in our behavior.

There was a distressed woman asking for advise on a facebook spiritual site. There was a picture of her and both of her dogs. The dogs had cancer. She did not know what to do. She loved the dogs. I replied by asking her if she was undergoing some major problem in her life. I explained that, if she was, that she should resolve the problem as soon as is possible. The dogs were sensing her prolonged stress and it turned into cancer for the dogs. The dogs sensed that their pack was sick and it made them sick. The woman replied back to me saying, yes, that she was going through a terrible time in her life. She very graciously thanked me and was so happy that I tuned her into part of the state of Self-Realization that knows itself as a “pack” and “tribal” member. She realized that we need to have a sensitive awareness of how our behavior affects others. Our alignment with truth realizes our love for the health of everyone and everything. Her reply ended with her eagerly going off in wonderful discoveries.

Do you have a dog that is manifesting benign tumors on its body? Some dogs have many benign tumors on their bodies. Those tumors on your dogs body likely are coming from toxic inter-pack vibrations that your dog is picking up from your environment. The dog is picking up fear from you and your environment. It is not natural for your animal to have benign tumors all over its’ body. GOD IS SPEAKING THROUGH NATURE here and your dog is telling you to make your environment more peaceful.

I was introduced to a couple whose cats both had diabetes. It was highly evident to me that the sweetness had gone out of the marriage of these two people. The dull and emotionally sullen environment gave the cats diabetes. We are energetically connected beings. We need to be conscious of being good to each-other. The state of the Self-Realized person is conscious of the affects and feelings that go on within interactions. You do not want to hurt anyone emotionally and you generally become mindful not to hurt anyone in any way. Here GOD WAS SPEAKING THROUGH THE NATURE OF THE CATS.

I have been in environments where dogs and cats seem to be in charge of their homes. But these homes seemed to be living in harmony. I have been in homes where birds are seemingly in charge of their environments and the owners live in harmony under these conditions. I have also seen harmony in environments where the animals and persons live as equals. Maintaining peace is the main thing.

Jesus intended for us to get to know who we are individually as well as collectively. Jesus explained our Spirit, that we share with him, to us. Jesus told us that if we love him that we should live as he told us. Jesus is our Universal Holy Spirit. Organizations like families, tribes, religions and others can tune into deeper understanding of the same group Spirit/Soul that we all share. Groups can and will get much clearer and deeper about the subject of our shared Same-Soul in the near future. Everyone can understand our interconnected reality. As I understand my own Spirit entangled with the energy of my body it becomes stunningly clear that I am energetically connected with everyone else. We all need to be aware of this. Families are much healthier when they realize how their interpersonal, and interspecies, behavior affects each-other. I see our Spirit in our animal friends. Thus, I come to the conclusion that if I watch out for keeping the overall good health of myself up, and the health of other beings up, I show that I love US All. I ‘love my neighbor as myself.” Animals are also our neighbors. We affect our animals and our animals affect us.

When we are sensitive to the fact that the health of our animals is intermixed with our health we are sensitive to the earth in this way. Our animals lead us to better overall health and to eventual full Cosmic Awareness.

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