Poop started dropping out of the back of the little boy’s shorts as he desperately ran down the sidewalk to make it home. A lesson in life like this helps us get our minds in touch with our bodies. A saying that I heard is “bring the body and the mind will follow.” Early lessons like this prepare us for the awareness of our Self.

By Self, I mean our mind with our body. The conscious part of our minds that observes even what goes on in our minds (THE WATCHER) is our Universal Spirit. This same Spirit is in us all. Seeing, knowing and understanding that we all share the exact-same Spirit is an intuitive realization of what has been called the “higher mind.” The more that you learn, study and observe your Self within interpersonal communication with others, the more you become conscious of your Self among others. This is part of higher consciousness. This is how the saying “we are ONE” becomes realized. Becoming conscious of your Self among others is the purpose of your life. Becoming conscious of your Self among others elevates you into “higher love.”

Along with realizing higher love comes the understanding that my personal behavior affects the well being of really everyone else because we are ONE. We as the human race are a connected Whole. If we truly want to realize our true Spiritual/Psycho/Physical nature we need to surrender to God, or the Universe, or to Higher Power, as we understand Higher Power. This has to be a complete surrender of your heart for the discovery of truth. You do this the best as you can to discover truth through your particular body. If you surrender only part of your heart your heart will be limited in what it sees. In a false or partial heart surrender you will seem separate from others and feel a need to control affairs and even be dishonest. A full heart surrender makes permanent long-lasting changes that are aligned with truth. You should not compare your Self to others in every way. Universal Spirit is prompting your particular Self among other particular Selves to understand your particular Self. If you truly enact a true ongoing heart surrender you will experience illumination after illumination in your life. Illuminations can give you the ability to see into others with understanding. Always ask your Self if you are generally being ethical in your undertakings. You have to strive to be conscious of your behavior at all times. Know your intentions and do not kid your Self about your intentions. Your intentions must be kept pure and not partially pure. If your intentions are not pure affairs will stay imbalanced. If your intention is not good for all involved your intention could be considered a sin. Sins are lies and we really need to eliminate one lie at a time.

Once we understand that we have gained control of our Selves, or our bodies, within the environment we need not ever stop expanding our understanding. In the opening paragraph I say, “bring the body and the mind will follow. Using myself as an example, I completely surrendered my heart to God as I took up running and hatha yoga. I knew that I needed to discipline myself in order, for me, to perform stand-up comedy as best as I could. My decision to surrender prepared me to achieve the ability to understand, know, and see our Universal Spirit. This is a healthy understanding that I use to help others. I help others to understand their particular Self among others. Once you truly see our Universal Self you realize that you have truly realized something precious – US. You realize that you are highly effective once you make this achievement of Self-Realization.

The more that we get in touch with our bodies through whatever means, the more we get in touch with our minds. Your mind is part of the Universal Mind. I was riding on a bus in San Francisco in a Spanish-speaking area. An older man sat down next to me who was drinking a Heineken that was wrapped in a small paper bag. I remarked to the man that I saw he was enjoying a beer. He said that he was and we had a good conversation for a few blocks. He got up to leave and in the doorway of the bus he held up his Heineken and said, “Always be prepared amigo.”

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