We lose our false belief that we are separate from others after we have established a foundation for attempting to tell our Self and others the truth at all times. We can be honest with our Self and others and be wrong but we correct the wrong as our knowledge/awareness expands. Being sincere is a great part of attempting to tell the truth. If you are sincere you are love. We see and know how our thoughts, feelings and actions affect others by observing how our thoughts, feelings and actions affect others. Observation tells us how we affect others for good or bad or somewhere in-between. We notice our energetic connection that we are ONE. The purity of truth and sincerity are powerful and attractive. Truth is attractive because it is Universal. Truth makes us discover our Selves. When we discover our Self we simultaneously discover all other Selves. We are the same inside. If you think that you can trick people by habitually telling lies then you think that you are separate. We are made to know our connection. Cosmic Consciousness knows that energy connects us to everything.

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