Yes, mortal means deadly. It fragments the psyche of a person who goes by the Jesus dictum “love your neighbor as your self” but has to exclude gays. This type of cognitive compartmentalization blocks the free-flow (Tao) of energy inside of our bodies and causes physical and societal diseases. The fragmented or excluded truth can linger in us unconsciously, depending on how conscious we have become, and as a conscious struggle. This is part of removing cultural conditioning from the individual psyche that is one and the same with the Universal Psyche. We come to understand that our individual psyche is blocked from realizing that it is really the Universal Psyche in us. The Universal Psyche in us is blocked by the cultural conditioning that has been imprinted on us that we need to see through through contemplation. We get through the conditioning and then we see the Universal Psyche in everyone and everything. The blocked energy can morph into tumors within the body because it is not integrated (repressed or suppressed) with the free-flowing energy of our organisms. The misunderstanding, misinformation, meddling from someone else or possible hatred can contribute to dis-ease. The ten Commandments, the Deadly Sins have been presented to us as guidelines to keep us healthy and growing. The obituaries that we read have an underlying stench of mortal sin that cause us to experience lives that could be much healthier in many ways. We do not just have to learn through pain. Ideally, we learn through the love of our parents or guardians and all of the teachers who we sense we can trust.

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