The President of the United States grabs a baby out of a woman’s arms and holds the baby up in front of himself as a human shield. The President, Greg Stillson, is on stage, being fired at by an assassin from the balcony. The scene is from the 1983 science fiction thriller THE DEAD ZONE. The assassin, Johnny Smith, has super-psychic powers and perceived that the President, a ruthless demagogue, was going to order a preemptive nuclear strike. Johnny Smith knew that he would be killed but decided to sacrifice himself for the good of humanity.

A prerequisite for receiving the graces for higher illuminations of Self Realization is knowing, that if need be, you would die for your loved ones. You need to ponder this issue.

If someone like Stillson did cause a holocaust, it could end up that there could be just a few thousand people left alive on earth. People would ban together and form units in order to survive. We would go back to our primitive roots for survival. These survival units would be like tribes. The good tribes would have to protect themselves against the bad tribes. The bad tribes may be roving gangs. The good tribes would consist of true spiritual warriors. The tribes would be sought out by desperate wanderers who would be trying to approach a tribe in order to join and have protection. You would need to be worth something to the tribe. You would need to possess necessary skills for the betterment of the tribe and you would be screened for courage. In a situation like that, who would want someone who has no guts? A primitive tribe has a group psyche. In a group psyche there is no neurotic game playing allowed. If you play games with others too much you are banned. The group psyche lives in a state of tribal love for each other. Because of tribal bonding, everyone is considered a relative. This is the realized Universal Consciousness or the Universal Psyche (soul). We as civilized people live with the Universal Psyche but we do not see or understand it. We are estranged from our true selves.

When I am going to vote for a politician, I ask myself how I perceive this person would perform in an actual military battle. Does this person have courage? How brave are they? Would this person hold up in battle and do their part to save their platoon? Would this person die to save the rest of us? An excellent example of someone who was willing to die for his friends was Audie Murphy – the most decorated soldier in the Second World War. You can learn about the bravery of Audie Murphy at Wikipedia.

If it came down to it, I would die for my mate, my family and my friends. Having a Self Realization of this kind helps open our hearts and this connects us to our Universal Sacred Heart. The more that we are connected to our Universal Sacred Heart the more we are connected to our Universal Psyche and they are really both one and the same. Knowing the oneness of our Universal Sacred Heart/Universal Psyche is a beyond language higher mind Self Realization. I realize that the soul that I have is part of the same group soul or psyche = same soul in different bodies at different levels of development or Light. This is a beyond language perception that we have to sense. In order to sense this truism is why we meditate, contemplate, and employ the many other methods of prayer. When we analyze ourselves in this way we discover our level of courage. We stand up for our Self if necessary. Maybe we find that we would not die for our loved ones but at least we know where we are at. We are telling our Self the truth. The more courage that we employ in attempting to tell ourselves the truth the clearer will be the perception of our Universal Sacred Heart/Universal Psyche connection. The stronger that we form and maintain the connection the greater we become illuminated. Everyone becomes illuminated differently. That is why it is called Self Realization. You discover your unique Self. Your unique Self houses our Universal Sacred Heart/Universal Psyche or our Universal Presence. Self Realization is the process of Self Integration. Through truth we achieve the virtue of courage. Through truth we achieve the state of Integrity. Through this state we see that our individual Self is really a group Self. Higher spirituality and the contemplation that goes with it is beyond language.

Most of us have an inner circle of people who we call our friends. I have a few good friends. I also screen the people who I may let into my inner circle. We have to keep the bad ones out or we will be unhappy and so will those around us. I also imagine how my inner circle friends would perform in a life and death physical battle. Would they die for the group? Are they neurotic game players? Are they passive aggressive personalities? How ethical are they? How sensitive to others are they? Are they capable of improvement? Are they truthful with themselves. WOULD THEY HOLD UP A BABY?

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