I saw the Loch Ness Monster when I was at Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. I saw a Sasquatch when I was hiking in the Nicolet National Forest. I encountered a Leprechaun in Ireland. If statements like these are not meant to be humorous then something is most likely wrong. I am sure that there were also people, at the time of Jesus, who said that they were at the Crucifixion of Jesus who were not. We get a feeling that something is wrong with many tales that we here in everyday life.

When a matter does not make sense to us we are better off to do our own detective work and get to the bottom of the matter in question. This is the objective/subjective path for Self knowledge and awareness that will lead us to Illumination after Illumination. We become conscious of objective and subjective simultaneous awareness. This path eventually strengthens us to the point of facing any difficulty that life brings us – openly. We become strong enough to speak openly about our Self in the direct presence of others. We have realized our Self, which is really the Self of everyone, and we begin to notice how others have not. When matters do not make sense to us there is very likely what is called a “a fly in the ointment.”

There was certainly “a fly in the ointment” when it came to the Crucifixion of Jesus. Imagine how horrible it must have been for Jesus or anyone else who stands their ground in the face of universal truth and has to die for it. Jesus wanted us to realize ourselves. Many brave souls have experienced the horror of choosing to die because of their personal integrity. The way that we get closer to what is really going on is by direct in person communication with someone or something.. The more that we are conscious of our objective/subjective awareness in coming to our tentative conclusions the more we will get closer to what is going on. Direct in person communication is the most efficient way for our senses to pierce the veils of illusion and get to the bottom of things. What we are dealing with when we believe through hearsay is often a fragmented or incomplete language illusion – WORDS ARE TRAPS. We never know the hidden motives and behaviors involved in reports. Indian philosophy calls this type of second hand perception Maya, that is, illusion.

The field of Speech Communication reminds us that we become more conscious of what is really going on by auditing speakers, or people, in person. This type of in person auditing makes us more conscious in general. This is why we go and listen to speakers and talk to people in person. In person perception assists us in decoding what is going on for anything better. This is the idea behind a live in person interview and/also just getting to know others in general. We are able to better tell through all of our senses if a person is telling the truth or giving us information to the best of their ability by direct perception of them. We understand speaking, theater, music, nature and everything better when we are in person. The stronger and more sure of ourselves that we become the less fear we have in communicating in the presence of others. Direct perception gives us a better chance to notice through our senses if someone has hidden motives (Maya) involved in the words and demonstrations that they are employing. The better we know ourselves the better we will notice when others are artistically attempting to slickly slip secret messages through speaking, videos and to a lesser extent through writing.

The truth of our collective soul is universal. When we just do not understand or get a bad feeling about something there is likely “a fly in the ointment.”

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