Why did you place your wife on Comfort Care right away after it was explained to you that she had a 50/50 chance of recovery and could live for a long time? I thought that Dr. Jones might not renew my prescription if I didn’t.

The aforementioned question followed by the answer went on in a nursing home between a man and his friend after the man decided it was necessary to let his wife die. The husband and wife had power of attorney for each other. Comfort Care is administered when it is decided that a person will be kept comfortable while being left to die. The husband was addicted to a prescription substance that was prescribed for him by the couples’ doctor. The substance helped to alleviate the man’s anxiety. The man could have gotten along without the substance and later did.

It appears that the husband was firstly married to the addictive substance and secondly married to his wife. This man’s body was polluted by the substance and consequently this clouded his judgment to the point that he was emotionally and psychologically blocked to the health needs of his wife. These types of distorted decisions go on more than we realize. Many of the obituaries that we read are fantasy tales.

It is extremely uncommon for a person to undergo a bodily cleanse for months with the person not ingesting any habit forming substances. I am referring to caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar and excessive other carbohydrates, marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs and other addictive and habit forming substances. I have undergone numerous elongated cleanses. This type of health adventure is considered unworldly. Complete abstinence of this ilk is an esoteric undertaking of an ascetic, spiritual student, spiritual seeker or religious person. When a person intentionally takes on an extreme elongated cleanse of this type the self-love of the person becomes highly realized. Other people and animals sense the love emanating from this type of person and are attracted to it. It is self-nurturing through love that provokes the behavior in the beginning. The willpower of the person progressively becomes tremendously strengthened. The Self Realization and/or the mind and body awareness that a person who has understood this type of discipline greatly aids in the development of the person in many ways. Being extremely determined with a never giving up attitude is mandatory.

Everybody’s life is different. Whatever arrives a person to this point of self-discovery gets them there. It is only for a few months. The self-confidence of a person who has put their self through this type of arduous discipline is ever growing for the rest of the person’s life. The person learns that they can get by with the bare essentials of life and this stems into everything about their life. People who have not undergone this type of discipline, and this is most people, can only imagine what this is like

You do not delude and fantasize by telling your self that you could control your self if you so desired. YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO IT BECAUSE YOU HAVE DONE IT. This makes you deeply understand your self among others. This makes you a powerful presence.. This type of discipline greatly aids in understanding the seeing and feeling that we all share one soul that is in all our bodies. We realize that we are the same as others. We see it. We feel it. We know it. Hello God.

Health legend Paul Bragg called the diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds The Garden of Eden Diet. A diet like this aids in a cleansing regimen. Juices and herbs are also helpful cleansing aids. Read about cleansing. Sweating through work or exercise or however you can manage to repeatedly sweat aids in cleansing especially in the beginning of the cleanse. Toxins leave our bodies through sweating. If you can make it for at least a few weeks you will feel much healthier and you will realize your self and others much more deeply. Most people have to work but we can also be creative and do shorter cleanses. All cleansing done properly helps us.

You have straitened your self out and this extremely valuable knowledge is with you for the rest of your life. You know that you can make basic sane decisions because you know that you are sane. You know what extremely strong willpower is like and you have it. You know that you can enact your strong willpower. There is no guessing. The more honest you are with you self the more you see how others are not. Many people pretend that they are sane to others while they secretly think that they are not. All people in a group labor at different levels of interpersonal honesty and exist at different levels of sanity. Control and dominance issues go on in all groups. A truly Self Realized person understands what is going on. A truly Self Realized person breaks away and then comes back.

YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO IT and the love that you invested will help others do it. This type of discipline leads us to deep realization of our self. You learn what you need to do for you and not what others guess what you need to do for you. We learn to listen to our self and not let others control our thoughts and feelings. We make good decisions for others.

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