Taken from the classic on juggling, THE COMPLETE JUGGLER, 518, BY Dave Finnigan, 1992, Third Edition, by Jugglebug, Inc.


Some jugglers experience what Zen novices and yoga students struggle for years to acquire. I know. For one full year I chanted a mantra day and night, working my way toward the condition of Samadhi, where the senses are disconnected and only one thing exists, your connection with the infinite. Then I discovered that once I could juggle smoothly and without trying, I achieved Samadhi. Now to go to that peaceful place, I need only get out three beanbags and start weaving infinity signs in the air.

Unlike the martial arts, which are linear and outer directed, juggling is curvilinear and directed inward. I call it an “impartial art” because it is not aggressive or intrusive. It is a peaceful, nonverbal prayer that you perform and in the process you may find yourself gaining focus.

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