The juggler enters a state of non-duality where she becomes one with the activity. Juggling is motion meditation. It is concentration with SOURCE looking on. SOURCE is also referred to as the SUPREME SELF. The same SOURCE is in everybody. The juggler merges with the activity. Language ceases. WORDS ARE TRAPS. When the juggler starts to think or speak in language is when the juggler is prone to drop a ball or whatever she is juggling duality. The noisy mind is observed by SOURCE. We also enter the state of Yoga in other sports because of merging with the activity. If we become conscious of the fact that we are merging, we eventually return to our natural state of non-duality in everyday life.

4 thoughts on “JUGGLING IS YOGA

  1. My nephew, an Iron Man athlete, calls it “the zone” when he enters the experience that you describe. I call it ‘contemplation’, an emptying in order to allow the Holy Spirit to enter my being. B

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    1. Yes, this is the state of Contemplation, that is, the mature state, that we really strive to get in touch with, and stay in, as much as we can. We struggle with language to label our true connection with God or Source, but the state of Contemplation, and its farther reaches, is what is behind spiritual traditions and philosophies.


  2. Profound statement similar to riding a bike or walking with a cup of coffee. If you look at the cup you run the risk of spilling, the body seems to know what to do without you concentrating on it.

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