The three hooligans began taking their clothes off as soon as they parked the van in the alley behind the market. Soon they were completely naked. They put on their jogging shoes and ski masks. They had a few beers in them. It was winter and cold. This was in the early 1980’s when streaking and mooning were more in vogue. Their plan was to enter the market from its back door in the alley, jog through the market naked screaming ‘fun house’ like crazy laughter, leave through the front door going out unto the main street of the town, run to the left down to the corner, turn left at the corner, run to the alley, run down the alley and make their get-away in the van. They were quite confident that they would get away with their daring stunt. They entered the back door laughing uncontrollably putting their plan into action. Everything was going as planned. A few people were in the market, some were shocked, others were amused. The first hooligan made it out the front door and preceded on the escape route to the van. The second hooligan did the same. Everything was going according to plan. The third hooligan, Eamonn, ran out the front door turning left and slipped on some sidewalk ice. Eamonn landed leveled out on the sidewalk breaking his left clavicle and had the wind knocked completely out of him. He rolled over on his back and was fully immobilized. The expected bus then pulled up with its front door opening while stunned and shocked people left the bus getting a free peep show of Eamonn. A police officer entered the scene and took Eamonn’s ski mask off of him. Some of the onlookers knew him. Eamonn was taken to jail and charged with Indecent Exposure. His mother was not too happy. It was Eamonn’s idea to do the streaking and he is the one who was apprehended while the other two hooligans got away.

What comes to mind here is the saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell God your Plans.” We should not force our agendas on others. People see through the masks of others. I have mentioned in this blog that “a way” that can help in reaching higher states of illumination is to get in the habit of saying, “I am not separate” as much as you can while being cognizant of how your actions affect others. This also means how your words affect others and how your emotions affect others. You become straight forward in your communication. You stop playing games with others. You stop having ‘hidden agendas’ within your communication. You stop manipulation. You become secure and strong enough not to manipulate. The more that you do this the more you will sharpen you concentration ability. You concentrate on your self with the intention of improving your self which helps you and everybody else. You stop being a phony. You become you. Try not to copy others too much. Become Self-Realized. When you become honest and true within your self you know God.

Finding activities that make you concentrate will push you closer to mystical illumination experiences that expand your awareness of our world and of each other greatly. I am a juggler and juggling has heightened my concentration abilities immensely. I recommend juggling for everyone. People of all ages can learn to juggle. I am currently training an eighty-four year old woman in juggling who is progressing nicely. I am an advocate for the art and sport of juggling to be added to all school physical education programs. Juggling leads to advanced psycho motor skill, whole brain thinking, deep feeling and overall bodily awareness. A juggler’s self-esteem is enhanced because of the sense of accomplishment that comes with getting better at it. Juggling aides in general body awareness of self and others.

By concentrating on your breathing and tuning in on observing your thoughts, feelings and actions you become a natural watchman of your self. You are actually becoming better at concentrating on your self and this becomes your natural behavior after a while. You stand sentry over your self and in doing the work of self-sentry you begin to see if others are also involved in self-sentry behavior. You will notice that most people are not. But, at this point of maturity, you most certainly are noticing your self within and among others and you become much more caring for others as those close to you will verify.

The more aware we become, the more we notice what we do and the more we notice what others do after we do it. We are the cause looking for the effect of our cause in others and in the overall environment so to speak. We effect others behavior because we are all interconnected. Disciplining your self in this way will certainly make you ‘conscious of your self among others’ which is what it is all about as far as being in touch with common reality, achieving advanced states of awareness and levels of Illumination and eventual ground floor Enlightenment. Advanced states of awareness aid us in everything that we do. You will come to notice that your True Self is behind your mind, so to speak, and that your True Self is observing the thoughts moving through your mind. Being more perceptually advanced will make you more socially adroit, more aware, more awake or whatever you want to call heightened aliveness. Moreover, your main goal in spiritual awareness, which is really love of self and others, is to become as conscious as you can of your self among others. When you really get there you know God.

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