The major benefits of being graced with transforming visions, locutions and other observable and credible mystical receptions is that the experiences continue to teach the experiencer throughout their lifetime. The major vision of spiritual masters that I had and the spoken locution – WORDS ARE TRAPS – that I heard while being transfigured are my constant teachers. I decided to give what my experiences have taught me for the past thirty-seven years and what is taught to me on a daily basis in this blog and on Facebook. It is said that it takes a great amount of energy to enlighten others and I have “gone through the mill” so to speak. I labored very hard and had to struggle with the collective consciousness to set the foundation. Now that I have the foundation set, I am going to relax more and go back to the activities that I love. Follow me on Facebook and this blog to receive information from the awareness of my ever deepening and widening Cosmic Consciousness.

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