Review – THE HIDDEN GOSPEL OF THOMAS Commentaries on the Non-Dual Sayings of Jesus by William G. Duffy

Duffy’s life with the years of eclectic study along with the primal search for truth readied him for the highly important presentation of this book. Duffy puts an understandable Jesus into our minds. The Jesus of this gospel is interested in the treasure of spiritual truth that lies buried within the mind of every man and woman. As a great thought-leader Duffy puts the reader into the mind of the mystic when he points out the “hidden” oneness of a Non-Dual spirit that connects all minds. This Jesus was teaching about the Self-Realization that occurs when hidden inner truths become known (illumination). Awareness of oneness with everyone and the false identification with separation obviously come from an enlightened Jesus. This book brings us back to our true oneness.

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