“Soon we will come to know ourselves as multisensory, rendering obsolete the belief that we are five-sense creatures. No longer will we speculate about whether our thoughts and emotions have creative authority within our cell tissue; we will come to consider that form of perception as one of the central truths of life…” Caroline Myss, author of ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT, wrote this in the Forward for Donna Eden’s 1998 book, ENERGY MEDICINE.

There were two wild brothers who I was in propinquity with years ago. There names were Lenny and Billy. Shortly after I met them, I am alone with Lenny and he says to me about his brother, “Gary, I have to tell you that Billy is nuts, he’s an alcoholic, you can’t trust him, he’s criminally insane, don’t lend him any money and be extremely careful around him. May heaven help you Gary.” A little while later, I am alone with Billy and he says to me about his brother, “Gary, Lenny is a pathological liar, who pretends that he is a deeply religious and spiritual person in order to attract women, don’t go anywhere with him, he doesn’t like you, he will embarrass you.” The Reference Guide in the ground breaking book, YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE (1987), by Louise Hay, gives the Probable Cause for Insanity as “Fleeing from the family. Escapism, withdrawal. Violent separation from life.” Louise gives The New Thought Pattern to aid healing for Insanity as “This mind knows its true identity and is a creative point of Divine Self-Expression.”

The late-great internationally known metaphysical counselor, healer, teacher, starter of Hay House and an internationally known leader in the New Age Movement, Louise Hay, cured herself after having been diagnosed as being terminally ill with cancer (through pain comes wisdom). Louise had a Christian background. I have found her book, YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE, with the Reference Guide for the Probable Mental and Emotional Causes for common diseases along with the New Thought Patterns for healing, to be one of the top Consciousness raising books in my library. The book is great food for thought for not only Self-diagnosing and healing Our own maladies (many are psychosomatic) but also for diagnosing and healing the maladies of others. Louise as a pioneer in Medical Intuition, along with others, raises Our Awareness for what We are doing with Our energy. We have realized that toxic energy can lodge in Our cell tissue and nervous systems and affect Our lives as Conscious and Unconscious health problems. Further examples in the The Reference Guide tell Us that Bladder Problems can come from being “pissed off,” Bad Breath can come from thoughts of revenge, Headaches can come from invalidating the self, self-criticism and fear, and a Stroke can come from refusing to change. Louise makes Us ask the questions: Are We being Positive or Negative with Our energy? Is Our energy affecting Others for good or bad? Do I act for the good of everybody?

When We really start to become Conscious of Our Self, We simultaneously become Conscious of Others. We become Conscious of how the interpersonal usage of Our energy affects the bodies of Us All. We come to see that We affect the health of those around Us in healthy or unhealthy ways. This is because We slowly see, and eventually know, that We all share the same type of Universal Self/Heart/Mind that is merely in different bodies that are under different physical conditions. The ultimate goal of all traditions is to realize this Universal reality. As the seeing of the subtle reality of Our shared Universal Self/Heart/Mind becomes clearer and clearer We become more sensitive and more sensitive to feeling and knowing Our interpersonal energetic reality. It becomes real to Us how We affect Each Other. As We Develop Our Characters We get so We do not want to intentionally hurt Each Other. We extrapolate Our Self Knowledge to Others in order to intuitively understand Each Other because We all share the Universal Self/Heart/Mind. This extrapolation of Self Awareness to understand Each Other can provoke mystical experiences of great Illumination and Union. This is Illumination and Union to seeing and knowing Our Shared Interpersonal Universal Consciousness. We all see and know Our Interpersonal Universal Consciousness from different levels of Awareness. This is Our Shared Heart/Mind/Body Consciousness. This is AWAKENING to Us as Each Other and as being One with Each Other. This state of Awareness is ongoing and We become more Aware and more Aware of it in the ever present Now as We struggle to grow in constant Awareness. In the Now, We come to realize the past, present and future as an amalgamation in eternity for infinite potentialities. This state falls under the umbrella of the achieved Gift of Contemplation (Keating). The more Aware We become, the more We realize how we affect Each Other.

As We grow in seeing and knowing and Our interpersonal reality, We become Conscious of Our Self among Others. We realize that We are not Separate from Others because We have come to see and know Our shared energetic connection. During this period of Our Conscious growth in AWARENESS We are SURRENDERING to being totally HONEST with Ourselves. We become Conscious that We are trying to better Ourselves, this improves Our Self-Esteem and we progress to higher degrees of Self-Love which We extend to Others.

Here is where We can start to become Multisensory which is the beginning of becoming Super Intuitive, or being just plain Hyper Instinctive or Hyper Primitive. We become Whole-brain/Body/Thinker/Feelers. Multisensory growth includes becoming Aware of the subtle vocal tones of Others. Primitive people are sensitive to the slightest rustling sound in the brush. We start to become Super Intuitive as We correctly hear, sense and understand with the Heart and Mind as opposed to just the ear and brain. As We enter Super Intuition We realize that verbal, written and visual communications sent to Us can have entirely different meanings, with even hidden emotional meanings, other than the specious logic of the messages. We begin to notice the subtle body language of Others and the space around Us. We begin to notice histrionic behavior (theatricality) in Others. We are working very hard on Our Character Development as We employ strict Self-Honesty and this helps Us lose inhibitions that prevent Us from being Self-Realized. We become much more Conscious of Our breathing. Our senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste become clearer and more noticeable. We are becoming more sensitive to everything. We begin acute simultaneous coordination of Our Multiple Sensory Self. We see auras. We begin to clearly interpret Our Dreams. Cardionostic Awareness begins in Us as We deepen in emotional intelligence and are able to sense the emotional states of Others. We gain the ability of Holographic perception that gives Us the clear ability to see and know Universal Patterns, and extract, abstract, and synthesize memory data.

Part of why We become Multisensory is because We have pierced the veils of many illusions into seeing “what is” and have conquered personal fears that block greater Self-Realization. The Self becomes Integrated and Individuated. The ego is merging with Our Universal Spirit as the Spirit becomes dominant in Our personality. We are not psychologically compartmentalized anymore so Our mind works with Our Whole Brain and Body, that is, Our coordinated right and left brain, and body, work together in a computer like fashion. We have clear straight full access to memory data because fears have been conquered through courage. The clear seeing and knowing of the ESSENCE of matters becomes instantly known to Us without reasoning . We just Know. We are Multisensory. We are Aware. We are Awake.

I sense that Louise Hay profoundly understood that the ultimate healer, Jesus. knew very well about the diseases along with the psychological and emotional cures in the Reference Guide in her book – YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. Jesus lost earthly life in guiding Us to Universal Consciousness. Louise Hay was in touch with the Universal Heart/Mind of humanity. She would have had to have been to be able to write all of her communications in the way that she did. Correctly understanding the energy of interpersonal interaction the way that she did shows Us a woman who was deeply in touch with her own psyche (soul). Louise positively affected millions of people. The work of Louise Hay is proof that when a person is in touch with her own psyche, she is also simultaneously in touch with the Universal Psyche of Humanity. Louise Hay is a modern day saint.

The work of Louise Hay should be a part of Education from Kindergarten on up. Peace.

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