She proclaimed that she was a bisexual artist. He proclaimed that he was a big sensitive rough neck writer on the order of Ernest Hemingway. Neither of these adults ever accomplished anything that had to with the Idealized Images that they pretended to be. These are examples of delusions of grandeur that many people suffer from who just will not accept who and what they are. Their minds are not at all connected to their hearts as far as Self-Realization goes.. Many people never come out of this trance condition. It takes courage to come out of the trance. These are examples of a lack of Self-Acceptance and a true Surrender to the real. When I was a kid I wanted to be an international thief working for the U.S. government on the order of the character, Alexander Monday, who actor Robert Wagner played in the television series, It Takes A Thief, but I grew out of the fantasy. The beginning of the path to AWAKENING to the reality of knowing and being sensitive to Our energetic connection with each other within the entire cosmos is accepting Our Self, and the conditions of Our life, exactly the way matters are for Us. This is Our SURRENDER to HONESTY. This is where We start, and hopefully continue, to tell Our Self the TRUTH about everything for the rest of Our Lives. SURRENDER is an ongoing process, it is not just a one time deal. This, then, aligns Us with the high voltage truth that communicates to Us from Our Heart. This truth that comes from Our cosmic connected being is generally referred to as the Christ Consciousness, Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, Universal Mind/Self/Spirit, Krishna Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, or just God. Remember, the name of this blog comes from the powerful koan from Zen – WORDS ARE TRAPS. We AWAKEN out of Our trance of thinking We are separate from everyone and everything when We truly SURRENDER TO ACCEPTING OUR SELF AND OUR CONDITIONS. Becoming truthful with Our Self is sincere prayer and aligns Us with the Universe and eventually balances Our inner with Our outer world and this is the state of NONDUALITY.

I learned on my own. I made my life into a pilot study. When I Accepted myself, I was actually in my SURRENDER to the reality of myself and I did not realize that I was concomitantly SURRENDERING to the cosmos, or God. I found myself in a confession to my Self where I realized that I could not have helped the wrongs that I did in the past because I was in the trance then. I was sorry for what I did and simultaneously I realized that other people can not help it either because they are in the trance too. But, I came out of the trance at this time of my HEART-FELT SURRENDER OF SELF-ACCEPTANCE. At this point, the ego takes a back-seat to the Holy or Universal Spirit. I was on the path to being fully Honest with myself. When you get to the Full Self-Honesty state you also align with being honest with others. Along the path, I started to realize that We are all connected by energy. I realized that We affect each other for good or bad with our energy. We are Spirit Energy (souls) in different bodies that are in different life conditions and We are at different individual levels of Awareness of this interpersonal fact.

In the Cloud Vision that I experienced with the different races of people in the cloud, that is explained in the feature article of this blog, WORDS ARE TRAPS, I broke through my ego and everybody’s ego at the same time becoming AWARE that We are all part of the energy of the Universal Mind/Spirit/Self, that is, God, as far as We can understand, and God is also the Cosmos. This made me realize the UNITY of all people on earth. I achieved a much higher degree of internal peace.

Subsequent to my vision, I found that my new awareness was corroborated by the great sage, Paramahansa Yogananda, in his book, The Law Of Success, 19, where he states: “Learn to see God in all persons, of whatever race or creed. You will know what divine love is when you begin to feel your oneness with every human being, not before. In mutual service we forget the little self, and glimpse the one measureless Self, the Spirit that unifies all men.” Yogananda told Us about Our Universal Spirit the best that he could through the limited use of language. Because of the limited extent, or range, of language, it is easy when reading to just run right by the esoteric intention. With Our Higher Mind (where the intuition that eventually can become Super Intuition lies), We attempt to see and know the intentions of the limited use of language like this when We contemplate on the phraseology. We can have mystical experiences when We do this. Mystical Theology calls this type of contemplation Lectio Divina.

The aforementioned understanding is permeating the planet faster now than it ever has. With this understanding is coming higher waves of LOVE and We will be experiencing much less disease in the near future. We are becoming sensitive to each other. With more people doing right-brained prayer like meditating/contemplating, which is actually Our primal form of prayer, We are becoming more mindful about when We should speak and when We should hold our tongue. We are realizing the distinction between what we do to Our personal energy, and Other people’s energy, when We are not nice, or nice, to each other. We are becoming CONSCIOUS of the flow of nature, which is energy, and are realizing that WE should not try to control everything. We are learning to go with the Tao.

Subsequent to my unifying cloud vision my insights were also corroborated by Thaddeus Golas, in his book, The Lazy Man’s Guide To Enlightenment, 23-24, where he states: “and the process of enlightenment is expanding our comprehension of other beings, until we experience everything as a live interaction.” Experiencing everything as a live soul interaction is the process of AWAKENING.

AWAKENING IS BECOMING CONSCIOUS OF OUR SELF AMONG OTHERS. The cleansing to higher AWARENESS that is going on with the Corona Virus is forcing Us to further realize the energetic connection that We have with each other. Germs affect Our energy and so does emotional pollution. This cleansing process with all the grief involved (through pain comes wisdom) is causing more people to truthfully SURRENDER to Accepting their Selves the way that their particular conditions are. SURRENDER to SELF-HONESTY is the FOUNDATION WITHIN OUR NATURE that eventually gets Us to know Our energetic connection which We have with each other. As We struggle to develop Our characters We eventually realize that We all have the SAME TYPE OF SPIRIT that is just in Our different bodies under Our different life conditions. We AWAKEN to the joy of loving Our Self and everybody else. Again, We are all Universally the same inside. This is Our Universal Self/Mind. As We truly grow, We start to see Our Self in Others. We see Our Self in Others because the Universal Self/Mind has Universal Patterns. When We grow to higher degrees of AWARENESS, We see the Universal Patterns of where We have been, or elevated in AWARENESS from, in Others who have not done so yet. We must work on Character Development to see Our Self in Others which is really seeing Our old and new Self in Others. We discipline Our Selves in making retreats to purify Our Selves mentally, emotionally and physically. Nature intends for couples to employ Interpersonal Honesty together and not live as distant roommates with hidden Selves as so many couples end up doing. It is all HONESTY.

With the looming Corona Virus and Christmas and Lent/Easter right around the corner it is an opportune time to forgive each other for perceived wrongs. Jesus, the ultimate healer, ingeniously put forgiving each other in the Lord’s Prayer because He knew how toxic energy gets trapped in Our cell tissue and nervous systems. The intention in The Lord’s Prayer is for Us to reach the state of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. When We tell one another that We are sorry and forgive one another for a perceived wrong that We may have done, or had done to Us, We help release the toxic disease producing energy that may be lodged in Our cell tissue and nervous systems because of the offense. Apology and forgiveness is reciprocal action This is Heart to Heart Resuscitation. This is LOVE in action. We learn about Our Self through communication with Others.

Forgive your Self for what you may have done to someone. You most likely could not have helped what you did to someone because you were not fully conscious of what you were doing. Again, AWAKENING is you becoming CONSCIOUS of your SELF among Others. This is about becoming CONSCIOUS of what you do and why you do it. You were in the trance. You realize that you may have polluted someone’s energy. Now that you have become conscious of what you did, you find that forgiving your Self releases the toxic energy that may be in your body because of what you did. Now, you have become more conscious. Now, if you can, you go and tell the person who you committed the perceived offense against that you are sorry for what you did to them and this helps to possibly release the toxic energy in their body. If it is impossible for you to tell them that you are sorry, you can always do some charitable acts of reparation and pray for them. When they tell you that they forgive you, they are also possibly releasing the toxic energy from your body and their body simultaneously. Forgiveness is in The Lords Prayer because it heals and will prevent disease. We must forgive each other for the health of all Our interconnected energy. This is UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS. We realize that Other people are just like Us. We could not help what We did to them and they could not help what they did to Us. If We could have helped it We would not have done it. This is why We work on CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. You have to get a hold of your ego. You clearly connect your mind to your heart and struggle to keep it clearly there. Truthfully connecting your mind to your heart with no obstructions in between is called the mystical marriage. This is the state of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

You are beginning to truly love your Self and Others. You are experiencing the joy of AWAKENING. You say, “Wow! I hurt someone who is the same as me that is just in another body.” This is the realization that makes you love your Self and all Us other energy connected Selves on the planet. We are all the same. You are becoming CONSCIOUS and this CONSCIOUSNESS raising process is ongoing and you get more well-meaning and mindful within the process as time goes by. You are SURRENDERING to the SELF ACCEPTANCE of your SELF. You are creating your NATURAL FOUNDATION IN TRUTH. You realize that We ARE ALL ONE and you want to help Others. After a while you look around and see the good that your SURRENDER to SELF-ACCEPTANCE is doing for everybody.

Oh, by the way, I moonlight as an international art and jewel thief. Peace.

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