She told me that her biggest fantasy was for her to dress up like a man and go into a busy men’s room. I explained in a previous essay that I have an ability to make people comfortable shortly after they meet me and they feel free to open up to me. This is because I am honest and affable. This fantasy was intimated to me on a date twenty-six years ago by an adult woman. I stopped dating shortly after this. We enter the state of illusion called duality, which is division of Our Self away from the reality that We are part of the Whole of the Universe, after We tell Our first lie. What We are dividing away from is the Universal Self or Universal Mind and the rest of the Universe that We all share – many call this God. This Universal Mind (Self) can be called Our Group Soul or what Ralph Waldo Emerson called the OVERSOUL. Emerson studied Hinduism which calls Our Universal Soul, Atman, and Atman is in Us individually (but is Universal) and is under Brahma (God) which is the Supreme and Eternal Essence or Spirit of the Universe. Hinduism was developed from Brahmanism with elements from Buddhism and Jainism. Christianity calls Our individual Soul (which is Our Universal Mind/Self/Soul) the Image and likeness Of God and is said to be in Us all. The ego veils the Atman and/also the Image and Likeness. This comparison of Hinduism and Christianity goes to show Us how language is transcended when we reach what is called in Yoga – the higher mind. This is because the subject of God is beyond language. You have to intuitively discover God your Self. Jesus has been my guide. We have the ability not to let this division happen as greatly as it does. This is a subject that needs to be taken command of by the American Education System and needs to spread world-wide.

The great vision that I experienced that is described in the above feature article WORDS ARE TRAPS, and is the name of this blog, graced me with the ability to see the(Our) Universal Mind in Us all. The different heads in the cloud I saw of people of different races was the transmission to me to see and know Our Universal Mind in everyone. This is Our Universal Brother and Sisterhood in Our world. The obstructing veil was lifted for me to see and know the Universal mind in everyone. It is right here in front of Our face, we are just obstructed. I have explained the lifestyle changes and ways of thinking that I undertook to become favorable to make the vision with the transmission of awareness happen. I balanced my chakras, that is, my emotion and feeling centers. Once this balance occurs the knowledge from the heart becomes clear and the ability is there forever. I sacrificed by putting in the time, the work, and did the required work of non-attachment. This is beyond language and We will get to more of this in future papers.

I do not know if my date ever fulfilled her bizarre fantasy but this goes to show Us how the ego in a person can run wild. Everyone is an illusion. You can not read a persons thoughts but you can read their feelings. A person’s feelings lead to their thoughts and this is a subject for more future papers. What is important here for the reader to realize is that if We want to back-track in Our personal ego history, We need to somehow get a hold of Our Self and begin Our reverse journey back to Our center. I have greatly emphasized in past papers that Honesty starting within the Self is key. Honesty aligns Us with Universal Mind/Atman/Image and likeness/Great Spirit, etc. The study of Psychology, and Physical Education, in contemporary Education, is a place to start to help children be aware of Our Universal Spirit. If We never take up this reverse journey, which is the purpose of Our lives, We will be merely a reactor all of Our lives and basically die twiddling our thumbs in fear, so to speak. Your personal center is everyone’s personal center. We all share Our Universal Self, or Universal Mind, that is just in different bodies under different conditions and this is what is veiled from Us. We want to uncover Our Universal Mind and this notion is what is behind all religions and traditions. We want to become Conscious.

I have mentioned before that when you are AWAKENED you have become Conscious of your Self among others. When you are Conscious of your Self among Others, you are Conscious of how your energy affects Others for good or bad. If you do not have this understanding and perception you are not Conscious of your Self among Others. Most people are not Conscious of themselves among Others, but this is now in a process of quicker change to awareness than ever before. If people were truly conscious of Ourselves among Others, We would not do terrible things to each other because We would realize what it does to the Whole of Humanity via the domino effect. You hurt your Self when you hurt others. When you truly in your heart make this profound realization you realize that you are not separate from Others, or separate from the Universe, and this is when you join up with the Mystical Body of Humanity. You realize your connection with everyone and everything. This is when you become an AWAKENED COSMIC PERSON. This is after you have truly back-tracked from the extreme duality of the men’s room mentality to the state of nonduality that you started with as a “little child.” You are then aware of this fact most of the time.

As you uncover Our Universal Mind in your Self you are simultaneously uncovering Our Universal Mind in everyone else. You are becoming a Conscious Brother or Sister of the Universe. Again, We all share this Universal Self that is just in different bodies under different physical conditions in each of Us. Along this path, We begin to see Our individual Self in Others because this is Our Universal Self and Our Universal Self, or Universal Mind, has Universal Patterns. This is the AWAKENING process and is how We become Conscious of Our individual Self among Others. We then come to the realization that We are All One.

I have mentioned before that in order for more people to become Self-Realized and for Us to collectively reach higher states of LOVE We need to have an Educational System that becomes Conscious. We need to have wide-spread cohesive education that fosters advanced knowledge in Psychology, and multiple ideologies in Physical Education. Spiritual masters need to be strongly focused upon. Bringing out Whole Brain thinking, or Formal Operational Thought, needs to be of primary focus. The right side of the brain seems to have been left out. Formal Operational Thought takes in especially the right side of the brain where We think in wholes, abstractions and are creative. Formal Operational thinkers who have conquered most of their fears can know the ESSENCE of matters without actually reasoning them out. Fears block awareness. People of the earth coming together in the vision of Nick Black Elk, and my cloud vision, can be fulfilled as the entire world uncovers its (Our) Universal Mind and lives more and more in Universal Brother and Sisterhood while realizing that the Cosmos is Sacred. I have a fake mustache if any of you ladies want to have it. Peace.

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