He came from out of town and put on a false English accent so as to appear mysterious and intriguing. She would send cards and flowers to herself where she worked so others in the office would think she was being pursued by men. He was an extremely thin man who claimed that he was not always that thin. He said that he had contracted malaria serving in the U. S. military in Vietnam. He stated that he used to weigh 215 pounds before the malaria and that he boxed heavyweight. He claimed that he put Muhammed Ali down as an amateur. He was insinuating that he was the uncrowned heavyweight champion of the world. These are examples of lonely people who perceive that they are separate from others. You can be lonely if you are single or married. The false self, small self or ego was running their lives. This fantasy self needs to give way and be reborn to Our Universal Mind that lurks behind the narcissistic ego so to speak. These people, most likely, had no idea about Our Universal Spirit that is the same in all of Us.

Very truly I tell you, unless you are born again you cannot see the kingdom/queendom of God.” John“ 3:3.

An alchemy has to take place inside of Us where your Soul and ego merge and Our Self/self is reformed and reborn. We go back to the nonduality We had as “little children” (little children are connected to everything and do not feel separate) Matt. 18:3, and then “the kingdom/queendom of God is in your midst” Luke 17:21. We are then in touch with our Universal Spirit. Heart-felt Surrender to Honesty within the Self and eventually also outside of the Self with Others is necessary for the alchemy of rebirth to occur. We accept Our Self and Our conditions. Our sense of being Cosmically connected, through Universal Energy, to everyone and everything gets stronger and stronger. We become less lonely after sufficient reformation, because there is no separation in Our Universal Mind/Self/Spirit. As We rebirth, We see Our Universal Self more and more in Others. We slowly recognize Our Energetic Connection to everyone and also everything. We gain the understanding of Our Shared psychological, emotional and physical reality and this makes Us much more calmer because We do not feel alone. We become less restless and are able to stay home more. We are eventually not lonely at all. We finally get it. We recognize Each Other here which is Our embodied Oneness and the Love that We need to elevate in for Each Other as One.

We can become detached and indifferent to to Each Other. Extreme narcissism and other mental and emotional conditions do not care about Others. We are thinking about compassionate understanding and feeling for Each Other here which is Our embodied Oneness and Love that We need to elevate in for Each Other.

As Our rebirth Awakens Us to the reality of Our energetic connection to Each Other within the Cosmos We have a heightened sense of awe, wonder and beauty for everything that We do. We experience the joy of Awakening to Our Universal Spirit. We practice healthy habits and look to the future with Divine Anticipation. We recognize that We are not separate from Each Other. We recognize that We are energetically connected to Each Other within the Cosmos. We are rising in Our Love for everything. We are not lonely.

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