You have to wholeheartedly surrender to The Great Spirit to release the imprisoned divine power within you.

When I hit rock bottom, due to substance abuse, I realized that I was killing myself and that I was going to die. I finally understood my mortality. I wholeheartedly surrendered to God as I understood God. It is of “all importance” that the “giving up” is a wholehearted surrender. If you are not in extreme desperation the surrender will not be deep and heart felt enough to give you a solid launching pad for progressive spiritual development and you will stay the same. There are many people out there who feign reverence. You are actually beginning to open your heart here. I said to God, “All I ask for is more strength” and I eventually got it. At that time, I did not realize that I was surrendering myself to Allah or Our Universal Spirit. In my mind, I was praying for help. I created the most important solid foundation of reality understanding and connection that We all need. There is no kidding of yourself with the false part of your Self/self anymore. I was taking control of myself. I was losing my false fantasy self. I was letting my True Self, that spark of divinity in Us all, out of prison. I was truly Realizing myself. I was freeing my spiritual energy to help me grow. Christianity simply calls this energy Grace. In yoga, this spiritual energy, is called Kundalini Energy (research kundalini). Spiritual traditions and disciplines tell Us that this Great Spirit energy becomes available to Us as We kill the ego/false self or the phony actor part of Our personality. Here is where you become courageous. This is really the beginning of taking on “the will of God.” This is really the beginning of working with the spark of divinity within you. This is really the beginning of being Honest with your Self. This is really the beginning of being vulnerable to your Self. This is really the beginning of balancing your emotion and feeling centers (called chakras in yoga). You become non-neurotic and caring. You stop playing games. You become aware of your feelings and the feelings of others. You back track in your thinking and understand your whole life. Here is where you begin to realize that the more you know your Self, the more you know others. A clear new world opens up to you that you did not realize is right before your eyes. You become introduced to Our Universal Mind and Heart.

It is a long road to mastering your Self. You have to set the foundation. The Lords Prayer, which is a contemplative guide for humanity to reach the state of Unconditional Love, begins with, “Our Father/Mother Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name…” This is surrender. This is surrender. This is surrender. The beginning of the prayer, by Jesus, is a surrender to God as you understand God. People run over the beginning of this prayer without thinking and feeling what it is really about. I was surrendering to Our Great Spirit when I asked Spirit for strength. I was surrendering to the mystery of Wakan-Tanka. I was humbling myself before Allah. I was saying to God, “I need Your help, please help me, I can’t do it on my own!” This is why Jesus has it in the prayer. Surrendering is the foundation for the rest of the prayer which if taken to heart leads Us to the state of Unconditional Love. When you wholeheartedly surrender you are centering your Self in Our spiritual and material world. You are cosmically surrendering. You are asking everything that is holy to help you.

My surrender, that I did not realize was a surrender, worked for me. I deeply meant it. I was given a greater capacity for understanding Our Universal connection to each other and the cosmos. I had a vision coupled with a locution that connected and grounded me to everything. This is a mystical experience. I was transfigured with the refulgent golden fire-light of kundalini. This fire-light is more golden than anything seen on earth. My spiritual development expands daily because of my true heart-felt surrender. I was crying to Our Supreme Spirit and in three years Spirit enlightened/awakened me. You have to realize that I enforced my willpower here. I set the foundation by surrendering to Brahman in a state of honesty and humility. By being truly honest with myself, I was surrendering and releasing the spark of divine potential that is in Us all. This spark of divine potential lies dormant in Us until We fire it. We usually release this potential slowly as We develop Our characters. I had a full blown enlightening experience and I transformed all at once, although, I am still developing the greater capacity for development that I was graced with. You truly awaken. You become much more aware. By simply being truly honest with myself the will of The Great Spirit was done in me (“Thy will be done”). God is the Perfect Honesty within you that is whispering and calling you. Listen and struggle until you connect. Study, Various Prayer Methodologies including Centering Prayer/Meditation, Contemplation actually fall under the umbrella of heart-felt surrender because you are honestly employing your willpower which is “Thy will be done,” that is, the will of God. Breath Work and Body Prayer/Motion Meditation activities like General Exercise and yoga prompt you to the integrity state of pure willful honesty. Any activity that you love doing brings you closer to the divine in and around you. Simple and constant attempts to raise the will of God inside you is the path to divine revelation. Mystical theology explains about the subject of Intellectual Locutions. Intellectual Locutions come to Us much of the time when We are clear and calm. Locutions can also just pop into Our heads when We need them. These messages are of divine revelation. Most people are not in touch with their soul enough and so the locutions are doubted and disregarded.

Again, what happens is that when you have mystical experiences, you gain a greater capacity for awareness and development. You have to keep disciplining your Self which is part of your ongoing character development. Your character development becomes enjoyable and it takes you into many areas of activity and study that improve you. Since mystical experiences are joyful, you become much more joyful. You transform into a truly decent person.

Enlightenment or Awakening or being nurtured in Gradual Awakening is the real purpose for Our lives. It is a nurturing along, or reprogramming, of Our bodies and minds. We nurture the link, or reestablish the link, between the individual soul and the Absolute (God). We truly realize Our fundamental unity with The Great Spirit. After We see and know the link, when We try to express it, We can only approximate it in language. This is because it is a higher mind understanding that We intuitively know. We know it but We can not express it. I constantly explain it differently in attempts to transfer its meaning. Ways of expressing enlightenment are through the use of symbolism, art and poetry. Symbolism, art and poetry appeal to Our higher mind and help prompt Us to sense enlightenment. I know that because We as a species are becoming much more consciously aware of Our Selves that We can educationally nurture and illuminate children along in the path of gradual awakening and enlightenment through their school years. This is happening now. It needs to be wide-spread. Local School Boards need to get on board. I see studies, teaching methodologies and classes in the Foundation of fundamental and Ongoing Surrender from kindergarten to college.

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