I offer this paper as an Imaginative Prayer of our becoming.

I am not going to hold back explanations of my rare contribution to the evolving awareness of Our Collective Cosmic Consciousness. What I am trying to get across is evident in my communication. I explain Cosmic Awareness in my own unique Self Realized way. It is time for everyone to contribute. I request that my character not be invalidated with judgment as my being boastful for contributing my knowledge with an open heart. I am certainly not the first person to have to experience, suffer and evolve in mystical understandings. The constraints (swine) that intimidated or held Us back in the past are leaving Us. This is Our Universal Mind that is becoming clearer to Us. Our Collective Consciousness is becoming less unconscious. As Our individual consciousnesses becomes more aware, Our Collective Consciousness becomes more aware. We are in the process of better seeing and knowing Our Unity of Oneness. The better seeing and knowing Strengthens Our Faith in God. Experiencing emotional and psychological turbulence is part of the process of Our Collective Evolving Conscience.


“Ah! they got me howled the Werewolf in the middle of the night.” The Werewolf was the nick name given to a man in a neighborhood in Chicago who lived alone and frequently experienced night terrors. During the summer months when windows were open, people in the neighborhood could hear him howling in his sleep. The Werewolf had unresolved problems that were trapped in his cell tissue and nervous system. Facing Our Self by being as Honest with Our Self as We can is the way to release toxic experiences trapped and sometimes hidden in Our bodies. Honesty is Our “divining rod” to the “divine will” inside of Us. Heartfelt Surrender to the world as We know it is the foundation for healing. Our purpose is to clarify this divine will in Us. Clarifying the divine will in Us gives Us individually what We need. We have to think and feel Our hurts through in order to heal and free Ourselves. Dreams are Our souls communicating to Us in picture language. The more Honest We become with Our Selves, the more we understand Our dreams. The more We resolve Our problems the less We will have good or bad dreams. Contemplation, or the Meditation of Our relationship with Silence, is Our natural form of prayer. Broadly speaking, Contemplation is what has been called Self Inquiry Meditation. Contemplation is a process of clarification where We know Our mind-body/heart connection to the Absolute. Contemplation assures Us with direct knowing that We are Universally connected to each other while We are part of the entire cosmos.

In the eight months when my father was dying I served as a confessional priest for him. I never really knew my father well until the last four years of his life. He was in his eighties and had no friends, or would be friends, to distract him from knowing and understanding himself any longer. I have been blessed with the ability, where, after people are around me for a short time, they trust and open up to me. I am affable and Honest. In the last eight months of my fathers life he contracted a rare cancer. He could not absorb the nutrients from his food and he eventually starved to death. During this time, he went into the state called “Terminal Lucidity.” Terminal Lucidity is when a person realizes that they are going to die and they instantly Surrender to being totally Honest with their Self. This Surrender to Honesty process is heart-felt. It is instant maturity. This is the Surrender of what is called The Dark Night Of The Soul when a person feels hopeless. Dad became Honest with himself, and me, about everything that he was not honest about in his life. He cleared his conscience, or got in touch with his soul, before physically dying. This is instant Purging of acts perceived as done wrong in the life of the person. In Terminal Lucidity a person embodies clarity of consciousness and the Self Honesty manifests Illumination after Illumination of greater awareness while the person achieves greater and greater Union with the divine. During this period Dad would get shocks in his spine. I realized that the shocks were spiritual energy waking up in his spine. Yoga calls this spiritual energy kundalini energy. Dad experienced “near death” Self Realization. Dads eyes became lovingly clear. As the saying goes: The eyes mirror the soul. Self Realization is the understanding of Our Universal Mind. Self Realization is the lighted process that removes the obstructions to seeing and knowing Our Universal Mind. We see and know the Universal Mind in everyone. As Fast Eddy said the other day: Language is limited. Understanding Our Universal Mind is part of what Jesus, and the saints of all traditions, have always tried to get Us to realize through the limited use of language. One day when I was pushing him in his wheel chair to the doctor Dad looked at some little children with love in his eyes.

In the spiritual circles where I travel, I meet people who suffer from great unresolved emotional trauma. These people suffer in isolation, sickness and loneliness and some are married. There are many broken people out there like the Werewolf who need help but they just do not know what to do. Our problems all come from Our relationships. Broken people can make other broken people. In person, that is, person to person communication between persons who trust one another is the way to get Our unresolved problems out of Our bodies. I listened to a woman the other day who talked non stop to me about one problem after another and I hardly said anything to her in that half an hour. She was releasing toxic memories from her body/heart/mind. I knew that I was being of service to her by just listening to her. I participate in bible study groups where people cry tears to the group. The group listens in the state of Unconditional Love. People become Honest and Lucid when they are in the presence of caring people. People that have the will to heal find the Fundamental Need for Surrendering to Truth in the presence of caring people. All spiritual organizations attempt to instill the Mandatory Foundation of True Heart-Felt Surrender to the Absolute. Rehabilitation groups in general also attempt to operate from the philosophy of Unconditional Love. The souls of broken people are crying. Broken people are much more ready than average people to be Honest with those whom they trust. Self Honesty removes egoism in a person. As these sufferers improve they display deeper wisdom than the average person. A group that truly transmits a state of Unconditional Love instills its members with heightened consciousness of Our Universal Human Connection. Emotional and psychological turbulence is part of the process of raising Universal Awareness.

Everybody is not so lucky to have their problems resolved. There are damaged werewolf’s living alone, or with others, all over the world. There are obituaries about people who die in isolation, sickness and loneliness every day. Cemeteries are full of people who died in the state of fear that comes with not knowing Our Universal Connection to each other and the cosmos. Understanding removes the fear but this type of understanding takes heart-felt Surrender and work. The near future will see insightful education that helps Us. We die alone. Our “fair weather friends” who believe the “personal fables” that We live by do not come with Us. The dying process is not “Come on guys (teddy bears) let’s go.” Compassionate awareness tells Us to pray for everyone who has ever lived in Our struggle to understand. Do something nice for a werewolf. Surrender to Honesty is the Key.


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