I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom/queendom of heaven. Matt., 18:3.

The three of us gleefully took our clothes off and stood around laughing and talking. A few days later, we went back to our secret place and went through our playful experience again. I was a five year old boy and I was with a five year old girl and a six year old girl. We were trusting of each other. We were innocent and unpretentious. We had fun as we discovered life together. We were not too self conscious.

A small child, or infant, perceives that everything it experiences through its senses is part of her. In other words, she does not think that she is separate from her world. She is right. She is not separate. We are part of an energetically connected Whole. We are energetically connected to each other, to the earth and to the entire cosmos. Everything is perceived as a Whole. Everything is perceived as One. Everything is perceived as the Self. Other people are perceived as the Self. This is the point in development where Our innate potential for Our Universal Loving True Supreme Self, or what is called the spark of divinity in Us, or Our connection to divinity, can be consciously and sensitively observed, birthed, nurtured and begin to blossom in Us and for Us. The full potential is there and it needs to be consciously guided along. This full potential, which is Our Spiritual Energy, needs to be nurtured to slowly release. The small self, false self, ego or devil’s advocate, has not formed and taken over yet. Here is where We want Our One True Energetic Loving Self to be in charge of Us. We affect each other with Our energy. This is not where we want an ego that has the potential to take over and possibly morph Us into some kind of monster to predominate Our being and personality. It is vitally important that the child grows up in an environment that models Self Honesty. Self Honesty leads Us to what is called in yoga “the higher mind.” Reaching the higher mind is the goal of all spiritual traditions, religions and general education. The higher mind is where we think in abstractions. Realizing with the higher mind needs whole brain integration. When We get in touch with the higher mind We can develop Super Intuition. Self honesty is a major virtue that contributes to clearing inhibitions that “short circuit” whole brain integration. Whole brain integration leads Us to the ability to process information in multiple depths the way advanced mystics do. The near future will be filled with more awakened and aware parents, teachers and nurturers who are highly conscious of the importance for instilling the virtue of Honesty along with the other great virtues in children.


Hawkins (1995) “…Reason itself, paradoxically, is the major block to reaching higher levels of consciousness. Transcending this level is relatively uncommon in our society. The Hawkins Map Of Consciousness has Reason going from 400 to 499. 500 on the Map is Love. 540 on the Map is Joy, and is the achievement, according to Hawkins, of the state of Unconditional Love. According to the theoretical framework of the Map, in order to achieve Unconditional Love, We need to move beyond sole “left brain” reasoning and merge to integrate the left brain lobe with the right brain lobe to achieve whole brain realizations. The right brain lobe is where we think in wholes, or aggregate. Aggregating makes us see patterns and gives Us the ability to think in abstractions.

Piaget (1952) theorized from his studies that people can reach the ability to think abstractly in the period of adolescence to adulthood. Piaget called this stage Formal Operational Thought. If the person does not reach Formal Operational Thought they will stay in the previous stage of Concrete Operational Thought that is the 400 to 499 level of Reason on the Hawkins Map Of Consciousness. Keating (1979) reported that 40 to 60% of college students fail at formal operational tasks. Dasen (1994) states that only one third of adults ever reach the formal operational stage.

So, if we aggregate the theories of Hawkins, Piaget, Keating, Dasen and others we can make a theoretical conclusion that Our educational system needs to present learning in a greater way that nurtures the ability to think in abstractions. Abstractions give Us the ability to see, and know, the “Essence” of matters. Seeing the Essence overrides “half brain” thinking and the delusional thinking of convenient false rationalizations and false justifications that can stem from false self temptations to control matters. The virtue of Self Honesty is key. Traveling this road has major implications for eventual lessening of many diseases.

When we tell Our first lies We begin the illusion of dividing Ourselves from the Whole. Lying takes Us into the illusion that we are separate from others. We think, “I can trick them.” We are not separate from others. We are not separate from the cosmos. We are part of each other while We are part of the cosmos. We all share the same kind of Universal Mind or Universal Self. This same Universal Mind/Self is just in different bodies that exist in different conditions. We are really a world tribe. The people who you meet are at different levels of the illusion of separation from the Whole. Some perceive that they are more separate from Our Oneness than others do.

Before We realized that We could tell lies, We were in the state of non-separation called Nonduality (i.e., I and everything else are One). When We started to tell lies, We began developing the ego state of separation called Duality. Duality means two (i.e., I am separate from everything else). The more separate that We think we are from the Whole the more We generally suffer from alienation. We are actually lonesome for the state of the reality of interconnection with each other and the cosmos. We can get so far into the illusion and confusion of separation that We hopelessly think there is no other common reality. We can get way off center or out of balance. We are “out in left field” so to speak. Our True Self becomes buried and smothered by the fearful false self, or ego, that formed and runs Our life like some kind of prison guard. We are divided inside of the Self/self. Our whole life can become a phony presentation where being on guard and lying constantly becomes Our automatic way of life. This is not a healthy condition for you, or Us, as the Whole. At this point of suffering, you are far removed from being “as a little child.”

Jesus is my tutelary deity. I found Jesus to be a very simple model to sincerely follow and emulate. I had great results. The Lords Prayer intends for Us to set a solid foundation in Our Selves for Honesty – “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” The phrase “thy will be done” is the Gem Of Honesty (Our highest potential) that is Wisdom in The Lords Prayer. This is Our natural state. This is Our state of peace. A Self Realized state of Honesty along with a Self Realized state of Unconditional Forgiveness fosters in Us the state of Unconditional Love. The Lords Prayer intends for Us to reach the state Of Unconditional Love as a world tribe. Achieving the state of Unconditional Love is the purpose of Our lives. The foundation for Unconditional Love is the blessing for Our being. We should guard Ourselves and not deviate from the state of Honesty.

We will learn to consciously monitor Our Selves much more in the near future. This natural state should be guided and nurtured and guarded from the start. Parents and teachers of the future will be acutely aware of their important task at hand for “forming” a clear awakened conscience in children. Overall near future education in schools, will be especially emphasizing physical, psychological and philosophical education. Education will see teachers emphasizing much greater importance for children being Honest with themselves concerning Our minds, Our bodies, Our breathing and Our nutrition.

We can transform Our Selves right now. You, as an adult, need to think of being perfectly honest with your Self right now. Come on! You know when you lie. Stop it. Come out of being separate. You are not separate. Being Honest with your Self will make you love your Self more and you will naturally transfer greater love to Us all. Your behavior affects others for good or bad. Study about your mind, your body, your breathing and your nutrition. Where is your/Our Spirit prompting and sending you to learn and study?

Our Supreme Spirit, or, the True Self, is communicating true goodness to you all of the time. The problem is that the devil’s advocate (ego), that is stuck in reason, personal problems and troubles much of the time, overrides the goodness of your True Self. The thoughts and feelings that come from the goodness of the True Self in you, and in Us, much of the time is giving you reality orientated information in the form of abstractions. Working hard on your Self will make you more inclined to greater consider the information that your mind and body are communicating to you. Your True Self, that is, Our Universal Mind (the God link) needs to predominate your personality. The more the True Self is in charge, the more We are like little children. We are more like little children because We have back tracked in Our thinking and regained the innocent, unpretentious, non inhibited state of little children. Research the subject of Kundalini Energy.

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