We all have the same type of Universal Self inside each of Us. This Universal Self is just in different bodies which function within the realities of individual conditions. We are becoming much more honest with Our individual Selves. Our Self Honesty is transforming Us to see, feel and know Our innate goodness, Our innate Universal Love.

We are yielding Our wills to Our True Self which is the voice of goodness inside of Us. This is Our Real and Authentic Self. This is Our Universal Mind. You are realizing that this voice of goodness inside of you is the same voice of goodness that is inside of everybody else. We are realizing that this voice of goodness is Our Universal Supreme Spirit. You are recognizing that this Universal True Self struggles inside of you to predominate over the small, or false self, that is called the ego. We are understanding that Our Universal True Self is the voice of honesty inside of Us. You are becoming aware of the fact that the more you listen to your Honest True Self, and follow its dictates, the more you love your Self. We are Collectively Knowing that the more inter-personally honest We are with each other, the more We feel, and sense, the love beating from Our Interconnected Hearts. You have awakened to the fact that you need to become strong enough to have an Authentic Self who you present to the world and not a false self. Let’s tame the ego ideal, which is the fantasy and dishonest part of you, that obstructs and holds down, and back, the honest voice and stunts the feelings of the True Self. The more the ego ideal is tamed inside of you, the more Our Universal Supreme Self of goodness will predominate and spread conscious interconnected love vibrations to others in countless ways. The more you think that you are separate from others, the more you lurk in what is called the state of duality (I versus them). The more you see, feel and know that We are One Universal Interconnected Whole (world tribe), the more you live in Our reality state of nonduality (US). You job in life is to wake up to reality by seeing, feeling and knowing that Our Universal Mind/Self is in, and is part of Us all, and is connected to Us all, is part of the earth, and is part of the entire cosmos. The more Authentic your Self becomes, the more your Authenticity will transform others in healthy loving ways.

The ego ideal that needs to be tamed has also been called the idealized image, the false self, the small self etc. The ego ideal is what gets you into trouble. Your True Self, which is Our True Universal Self, is talking to you and giving you good advise all of the time. The more you struggle to recognize and keep in honest confident constant contact with your mind and body, the more the True Self will predominate your individual personality. You keep your individual given personality. Your personality just transforms for the better as it is cleansed by the beauty of the honesty that comes from your True Self. The True Self is your connection to Our Universal Mind/Self. The more Our True Self predominates your personality, the more you will love your Self and the more you will know that others love you. You need to find activities, or hobbies, that you love to do where you can talk to your Self with honesty. You will be honest with your Self when you are doing activities that you love. Love activities naturally raise your love vibration. Love activities will strengthen your willpower while making you bring your personal truth to power. As your willpower strengthens you will become conscious of your Self among other people. You will notice how your activity affects others. This is Our Universal Energetic Connection. This is Our Oneness. Love activities help you to look others in the eye and stand up for your Self. You become strong enough to look others in the eye because you are taking your constant consciously realized mode of honesty into your everyday life. It makes you feel confident and good. You care about people. If someone is jealous of you because you are a good person, you may have to stop associating with them, it happens.

Years back in the field of psychology the aberrant state of The John Wayne Syndrome was introduced. A syndrome is a number of symptoms occurring together that characterize a disease or condition. John Wayne was the matinee idol actor who played rough and tumble he-man roles in the movies for years. He was a tough guy, a rough man, a bar room brawler, a soldier, a cowboy, an all around hero, adventurer and virile strong man, etc. He also had a sensitive and wise side. Women, children and most men loved the characters he played. His enemies secretly admired him. He could do no wrong. Wayne’s characters displayed heroic virtues. Wayne’s characters would face the risk of death to protect everyone. Yes, Marion Morrison, John Wayne’s real name, even had the tough guy nickname of Duke in real life. But John Wayne played fantasy characters who appeared to be almost all knowing and all powerful. There are no perfect characters in real life like Wayne played.

Many unrealized men (not all men) have taken on the Idealized Image of The John Wayne Syndrome. There are no weaknesses with this syndrome. The syndrome does no wrong. The syndrome is never wrong. This type of syndrome can broadly be referred to as Beautiful Person Syndrome. Beautiful Person Syndrome clusters comorbidities peculiar to a particular fantasy self. Some people have the idealized image of saintliness, of a great mother or father, of a great teacher, of a great worker, of a great anything they want to pretend to be. The idealized false self image has to do with much of your troubles. The more you are entrenched in a false self idealized image of your self, the more you are divided within your Self, the more you think you are separate from others, and the more you are estranged from your Self. Your personality is impoverished. You are numb to much of your feelings and the feelings of others. You are a legend in your own mind. A divided person cannot be wholeheartedly sincere because the false image will not let them. The strongly rigid unrealized separated idealized image ego does not think in terms of cause and effect. When this syndrome is extremely exaggerated the person will not take responsibility for his actions in the mix of human interaction. If something goes wrong in his affairs he tends to be fault finding and externalize blame onto others. This person lacks true respect for the particular individuality of others. Others become a means to his end. The greater the false self image is, the more others will be hurt due to the persons false actions that keep it falsely alive. A person like this weaves their idealized image into the activities of their particular reality. The stronger this neurotic fantasy self is, the more this person will employ dishonest strategies of manipulation to protect the fantasy self and keep the fantasy going. At this point you are too weak and too disowned from your True Self to change. You are a phony. If you truly love the people around you, you will change. This is where love activities are needed. Honest Self Inquiry while doing activities that you love will transform you into the Authentic True Universal Self you are meant to be. Being honest with your Self, no matter what your conditions, will raise your Self esteem and Self love, and that of those around you, and this makes the seeing, feeling and knowing of Our Universal Energetic Interconnected Oneness clearer and clearer for EVERYONE. Good Luck!

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