When you become Enlightened you have removed enough obstructions to the Universal Mind that We all share and you actually know and see Our Universal Mind in everyone. You realize that you are not separate from others. We are all One. When I say that We have the same Self that is just in different bodies, I am talking about Our Universal Mind. Language is limited in its guidance. Language leads Us to the higher mind where We use what I call Super Intuition. Super Intuition is much broader and deeper than common intuition.

Cardionosis is the mystical ability to read the hearts of others. When you have removed enough obstructions, or illusions, through character development efforts, to know and see Our Universal Mind you will have gained Cardionostic Awareness. Cardionostic Awareness sees and knows how others are obstructed. Cardionosis is used to lead others on their paths. Some people say they only see the good in others. Cardionosis sees and knows everything. Cardionosis is extremely clear awareness. People who have higher mystical consciousness usually live somewhat removed from everyday life but as We advance as a race this will change.

Widespread speaking and teaching about what David R. Hawkins defines as Enlightenment, and the theoretical framework for the Map of Consciousness that embodies the state of Unconditional Love, found in his book POWER VS. FORCE The Hidden Determinants Of Human Behavior will theoretically greatly help to create what Rupert Sheldrake terms a morphogenetic field or M-field, for higher Love States. An equally important source of the same type of information explained in a comparative way what Hawkins propounds are the teachings of Nicholas Black Elk. The book THE SACRED PIPE Black Elk’s Account Of The Seven Rites Of The Oglala Souix, recorded and edited by Joseph Epes Brown, explains the same type of character development needed to Awaken the higher levels of Love Awareness found in Hawkins’ many books. Sheldrake’s notion of an M-field, in this case, is an energy template, so to speak, for higher levels of embodied awareness for love and/or universal love sharing which is awareness in action. Intuitive understanding is needed to grasp the concept of this M-field. The concept of this M-field appears as an energetic reality to this researcher. The ongoing explanation of my major vision, along with ongoing explanations from content of the perceptions of others that stem from their knowledge and mystical experiences and overall character development will create the M-field that humanity will further sense and become. We want to be more loving and we will achieve a generally higher state when much more people truly understand that We are energetically connected as a world tribe. We affect each others energy. If We can create this M-field in Our lifetime We will become generally much more healthy as a world tribe and generations to come will have much less disease in general. I have the ability to explain the daily ever expanding knowledge of my great vision in an energetic and animated way. I have had to endure a great amount of abuse for my attempts at getting out this extremely important information concerning the subject of Enlightenment.

The reader will get an understanding of the state of Enlightenment by reading, studying and contemplating the aforementioned books and others. In the past, We have been advised not to talk too much about the state of Enlightenment. I am not going to get into an explanation why in this short paper. I know it is time to speak openly about the subject right now. What myself and others have said and what We continue to introduce will contribute to the M-field that is already in progress of formation for creating higher states of Love for Our World Tribe. Read the Feature Article, WORDS ARE TRAPS, at my blog (words-are-traps.blog), to understand how I was Enlightened. I am never lost for words and enthusiasm on the subject and I explain the subject differently depending on what comes to me when I am speaking in an impromptu fashion.

My great vision in 1983 is comparable in content and ever expanding scope to the great near death vision of Black Elk in the 1860’s. Love is Awareness. When a person achieves higher states of awareness explained by mystics like Hawkins and Black Elk you receive the capacity for day to day ever-expanding knowledge and awareness. You naturally realize the gift that you have been granted and you want to share the knowledge and awareness with others with the intention of helping humanity. The knowledge helps people reach higher levels of peace.

I was at a low point in my life and because of my upbringing I simply and sincerely asked God for more strength. I was doing a full surrender when I supplicated myself to my idea of God, or The Great Spirit, but I did not realize that I was doing a heart-felt surrender to my reality. I accepted myself without delusions or fantasies about myself. I centered myself. I was actually surrendering my ego, or what is called the small self. I realized later that a true surrender like I did is Humility. I accepted myself and my conditions and pleaded, or cried, for help from God as I understood God. I tried to do everything that I was taught that Jesus told Us to do. What is called the True Self finally broke completely through in my awareness. You have to become strong enough to face your Self while realizing that you can be wrong. You have to be able to admit to your Self that you may have done things that are referred to as evil. You cannot help it. This to me, because of my upbringing, was the Holy Spirit in action. See below.

One day the great vision described in my article, WORDS ARE TRAPS, instantly flashed on. I saw a cloud and in the cloud were heads of people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. I heard a voice (a locution). I heard my Psychology of Consciousness professor say the koan from Zen that he gave Us in class “WORDS ARE TRAPS.” I had golden light all around me. My entire body broke out in goose bumps as I realized that everybody on earth is just like me and are controlled by language and concepts that are not necessarily true. I was in ecstasy. I realized that I was not separate from everybody else. I realized that I could not have helped the wrong things that I had done to people in the past because I was not conscious of myself among others. I forgave myself. I realized everybody has a Self just like me that is in Our different bodies, that is, Our Universal Consciousness. I realized that everybody is going through the same Self-discovery process as me. I realized that others can not help what they do wrong because they are not conscious enough either. I forgave myself and then I was able to forgive others. I became centered and mindful in myself. I became conscious of myself and others (US). I realized that we are all One World Tribe. I realized that we are all energetically connected and that Our energy affects Us. I had reached Our Higher Mind or what I have termed “Super Intuition.” I had achieved myself. I now had the ability to, what I call, “see through other people’s egos.” I later realized that this ability is called Cardionosis in the field of Mystical Theology. Cardionosis is the ability to read hearts. What I call seeing through egos is reading hearts. This whole experience is called Enlightenment. I realized that this Universal Understanding is what I have to tell the world. Because I was raised Christian, I realized that Jesus was transmitting Universal Consciousness. I speculate that the highest level on the Map of Consciousness, which is 1000, is what is known as Christ Consciousness. Jesus was a model for Us to see and know how high we can go as human beings. “FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASSED AGAINST US” is the state of Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is 540 on the Map of Consciousness.

I achieved myself by greatly enforcing my will. I led a simple life. I gave up non essential things and activities. I became non-attached to many common things. I really was on a four year retreat. I enforced a one pointed effort to achieve my goal of being a professional stand-up comedian. I devoted everything to my goal. I became fully honest with myself in this process. I used what is called Self-Inquiry Meditation which is really an ongoing state of Contemplation. You get a hold of your Self. What you are really getting a hold of is Universal Consciousness. I realized later that I had unknowingly undertook the right steps to reach the state of 700 on the Map of Consciousness which is what Hawkins terms Enlightenment. Hawkins tells, on page 282, of POWER VS FORCE, which came out in 1995, that at that time, there were only 12 people on the planet who calibrated at 700. What happens when a person has a great transforming experience like I had is that you are opened to the capacity for ever expanding awareness. All one has to do is read Hawkins and one knows how advanced in awareness the man was.

Hawkins explains what happened to me on pages 93-94 of POWER VS. FORCE when I permanently popped into the 700 awareness level. He says that “there is no longer an experience of a personal self separate from others…there is an identification of Self with Consciousness and Divinity…The self merges back into the Self. This is the level of nonduality, or complete Oneness.” What Hawkins is talking about is that the small self (ego) merges, or melds in union, with the True Self and then the personality is predominated by the True Self. The True Self is the good voice inside of Us. The True Self takes over more and more inside of Us the more We uncover it by removing false notions, or illusions, that We live by. This is done through various methods of character development using consistent honesty. The True Self is the Image and Likeness taught about in Christianity. The True Self has also been referred to as The Divine Indwelling. Hinduism calls the True Self the Atman. The True Self is the Universal Mind.

Remember WORDS ARE TRAPS. Just having heard this Koan can work wonders for you later. The koan WORDS ARE TRAPS teaches Us about more than language. A koan is designed to provoke Enlightenment. Once you “crack a koan”, it will continue teaching you through your intuition for the rest of your life. A vision expands your awareness and will continue teaching and expanding you for the rest of your life also. I had a vision followed by a locution. It is important that you practice character development. We need to engage in activities that make Us feel good about Ourselves. This raises Our Self Esteem. We need to truly love Our Self.

Moreover, This uncovering of the True Self is described in YOGA as seeing and knowing The Universal Mind. The Self becomes liberated and achieves union with the Supreme Spirit or Universal Soul or Universal Mind or Universal Consciousness. This is the ultimate goal of Yoga and all traditions, philosophies and religions. The heads that I saw in my cloud vision was me uncovering Our Universal Consciousness. This, again, is the same Self that I talk about that is in Our different bodies. This same type of Self that is in Us all is your/Our true Identity. It is Our “inner goodness” and this is what takes over and runs Our personalities once the illusions blocking the True Self are gotten rid of. The gift of Cardionosis is the ability to see, or tell, how and why the True Self in still blocked in others. The Universal Mind is Universal Consciousness. Universal Consciousness has Universal patterns. When a person is at least at 700 on the Map of Consciousness, the person is tuned into seeing and knowing the Universal Patterns. This ability is beyond description and one has to achieve it to understand what I am trying to describe. The higher mind is beyond language. Because one has removed enough obstructions covering the True Self one also receives the ability to perceive everything as a hologram (Super Intuition) or perceive the “Big Picture.” The Universal Patterns are in the Big Picture. This is a clear “right brain” sensing ability. There is nothing psychic about this ability, it is clear knowing but enough obstructions have to be cleared. I explain holographic knowing differently depending on what comes to me at the time of impromptu description. Part of clear holographic knowing is the understanding of how interacting egos communicate but, again, it is much deeper than limited language lets Us describe. It is a higher mind activity of Super Intuition.

I had actually unknowingly Purified myself which is the Third Rite in The Sacred Pipe. I resorted to total honesty. I had quit smoking and drinking. I took up running, hatha yoga and became a juggler. I was always into sports. You sweat much when you run so that was like I was in a sweat lodge often. Running is a form of motion meditation and is Zen like as are many other contemplative motion activities. I studied nutrition and changed my diet. I studied in general. I surrendered to God as I understood God. I used Jesus as my model and teacher. I was transforming myself. I did not realize that transforming myself was what I was doing. It was fun for me.

When I surrendered to God asking for strength, I was unknowingly aligning myself with the Fourth Rite in The Sacred Pipe, that is, I was Crying For A Vision. Black Elk and Brown tell on page 44 of The Sacred Pipe: “Every man can cry for a vision or “lament”; and in the old days we all -men and women- “lamented” all the time. What is received through the ‘lamenting” is determined in part by the character of the person who does this, for it is only those people who are very qualified who receive the great visions, which are interpreted by our holy man, and give strength and health to our nation.” I was fortunate because I was a speech and psychology student and close to libraries. I was counseled by books as to what had happened to me and I could talk to some of my professors.

My vision of the “heads in the cloud” tuned me into Our Universal Consciousness or what Brother Wayne Teasdale coined as the term “interspirituality.” I am here to make people sensitive to the fact that as a world Tribe We are interconnected by Universal energy and we need to take care of each other. We need to honor one another. We are our Sisters and Brothers Keepers. You are not separate. One person does not cause anything. Holographic understanding realizes how egos at different levels of awareness interact. The Map of Consciousness shows Us that what is true, or right, at one level of consciousness is not necessarily true, or right, at a higher level. Lower levels of consciousness can perceive benign higher level humor as threatening and attacking. Casual friendly salutations can even be taken as rude and insulting. Misunderstanding can trigger cruel attacks. WORDS ARE TRAPS. The higher We move up in Awareness the better Our intuition works. Higher Awareness is higher love. The person who at least has a good grasp on what the state of Unconditional Love is will not hold perceived personal offenses against others because We realize that offenders can not help what they are doing. Unconditional Love embodies Unconditional Forgiving. We have to love Our Self. Love is understanding. The more We understand Our Self the more We will understand other Selves. Someone just like you is in other people. Other people just have different bodies and are living under different conditions. This is empathy and compassion. This is Central Information to the emerging Unconditional Love M-field.

So in my vision the “heads in the cloud” is Our Universal Human Conscious Connection. We are One. We are Universal Mind. Black Elk’s great vision placed him atop Black Elk peak where he saw all people coming together as One. This is The World Tribe. This union is happening with Us in the world right now as Our hearts unite in higher vibrations of Love. We are Purging. We are Illuminating. We are becoming Enlightened. We are witnessing divisions of hatred going away. The M-field of Sheldrake is being created as I write this essay.

I have taken much abuse for my attempts at getting people to understand Centering Prayer which is really a form of meditation. I have taken much abuse for my attempts at getting people to read a Lenten article that I wrote entitled WE HURT OURSELVES WHEN WE WRONG OTHERS. The intention of the Lenten article was to give people insights about forgiving each other during Lent which is a major time when Christians examine their consciences. Lent prepares all people for Easter. The Lenten article explained what is in this essay concerning Unconditional Forgiveness which falls under the umbrella of Unconditional Love. I have taken much abuse for disclosing that I had a spontaneous kundalini arousal. Some of the many examples of abuses I have endured are, I have had my dwelling burglarized. Precious pictures of my loved ones were stolen as were personal communications and I want them back. Loved ones, friends and acquaintances have been contacted and given spin about me. I have been stalked. I have been harassed in churches and cemeteries. I have had clusters of accidents that may be investigated. Things can be so great and easy if We all work together. As Rodney King said, “Can’t we all just get along?” I try to live the Lords Prayer. I have a lot of work to do in getting out this information in order to help people and I invite professionals who know me, and those who do not know me, to work with me for the betterment of humanity.


  1. Thiehard de Chardin, a renowned paleantologist and theologian, has written a book entitled EVERYTHING THAT RISES CONVERGES. It seems to me, Gary, that you have collected a variety of truths which have been expressed in a diversity of words expressing the same experienced realities. You have put them together a mosaic that manifests the ‘convergence’ of which Chardin’s book speaks. Well done!


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