This essay is an expansion of a reply that I left to a person who commented on my facebook page. The reply was to a comment that was under the Richard Rohr Daily Meditation post: Going on the Full Journey.

We Are All One. We Are All The Same Inside Of Ourselves. You Are Not Separate From Others. You Have An Energetic Connection with Everyone. We Share Universal Spirit. Some Call This The Christ Spirit. Jesus Was, And Is, Trying To Get You To Realize This Fact. Jesus Is A Main Spokesperson For Self Realization.

The forty days that Jesus spent in the desert were spent in contemplation and fasting. Contemplation was, and is, the foundation for you to realize your Self. Jesus is a main model for Self Realization. Contemplation takes Us on the journey of Purging , Illumination and Union described in Mystical theology. If We adopt contemplation as a lifestyle, We are continually purging, illuminating and achieving greater union with “SPIRIT.” When Jesus started the vocal Our Mother/Father prayer, Jesus intended that We contemplate on the words of the prayer, which, of course, We should do with the words of all vocal prayers.

The forty days that Jesus spent in the desert were spent in examining his Conscience. Some call this type of honesty Self Inquiry Meditation. Jesus spent the entire forty days in silence out in nature. Jesus had accepted himself and was accepting his mission. Jesus surrendered to his reality. Jesus is a model for Us to be honest with Ourselves. Jesus is a model for Us to realize and surrender to Our particular realities.

Fasting should be looked into and practiced. Learning about Our diets helps Us love Our bodies and minds. Fasting purges negativity from Our cell tissue and nervous systems. Sweat lodges, steam baths and activities that make Us sweat will cleanse Our organisms. Buried trauma that is lodged in Our bodies that We may keep unconscious can pop into awareness during these cleansing activities. We are becoming strong enough to deal with, and get rid of, this buried trauma that has kept Us less than whole. We are putting Ourselves together through contemplative activities. We no longer have to block painful memories from Our awareness. Our will power strengthens through contemplative activities. We become stronger. We gain more courage. We start really loving and understanding Our Self and through this Self Love process we truly begin to understand and love other Selves. We love humanity. We think about how Our behavior affects others. We become sensitive to others. We do not want to hurt others.

The Purging – Illumination – Union goes on constantly when we become mindful to adopt Self Inquiry Meditation as a lifestyle. Purging – Illumination – Union is really one process. Nature intends for Us to be contemplatives. When we purge We are sorry for what We did that may not have been good for all involved. We hurt Our Self when We wrong others because We realize that We are all interconnected. We realize that Our aberrant behavior hurts the whole of humanity via the domino effect. The realization of how Our Self hurts humanity via the domino effect illuminates Us to the responsibility We have to be nice to each other. This realization keeps Us healthier. We truly love each other. This is Our ongoing realization of Our Oneness as human beings. As We continually purge and illuminate, We continually achieve greater union with the Divine Spirit that is in Us as the same True Self that We all share. The same model of inner Self is in Our various bodies. We see this Same Self clearer and clearer as We continually Purge – Illuminate and achieve greater and greater Union with Our True Self inside Us. When We adopt this mindful lifestyle, this is my definition of Praying Without Ceasing.

Moreover, when We realize the interconnected reality that We all share, We realize that Our healthy behavior makes others healthier. We are realizing Our Self among others. We realize that others are just like Us and are only in different bodies. We are all at different levels of awareness in realizing this fact. This is what Self Realization is all about. We realize that when we wronged others in the past that We could not help what We did because We were not conscious of Our Self among others but now We are. We realize how Our bad behavior hurts Our Self and others at the same time. We are hurt by Our own behavior because We finally realize what We are doing. We are sorry that We have hurt someone else who is just like Us inside of their Self. We now are able to forgive others like Jesus told Us to in The Our Mother/Father prayer. We realize that others can not help what they do wrong either because they are not conscious of what they are doing like We were before We realized it. We realize Our Self among others and are now able “to love Our neighbor as Our Self.” We have achieved empathy and compassion for Our Self and others at the same time. We realize Our Self among others. I know that I am not separate from others. WOW! I love everybody. When I love God, I love the Great Spirit because We are the Great Spirit or God which is everything.

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