Poke – The more that you employ dishonesty in your interactions with others the less you love your Self. We all share a piece of the same Soul, or the same Spirit, that runs through Our individual personalities. This Spirit is Us. When you accept and love your mind and body, you will accept and love the minds and bodies of others. When you begin to really accept and love your mind and body is when you really begin to see, feel, sense and know Our Shared Universal Consciousness. This is the pivotal point in your life where you say something like, “Oh my God! my life seemed like a mere dream before this, now I am awake. Everybody is like this. Everybody is going through this process. I feel for everybody. WOW!!!

There is no need for you to have to manipulate others. If you are honest with your Self and other Selves affairs will work out naturally for you. Naturally means according to nature. Manipulation can be dishonest behavior. Nature is an ordered flow of everything happening simultaneously. When you manipulate out of fear, doubt, insecurity or hatred you go against this natural flow. You employ force to get your desired outcome. You disrupt nature. You need to think about this when you are tempted to manipulate. When you employ manipulative force out of fear, doubt, insecurity or hatred you very likely will create fear doubt and insecurity in others. Neurotics (means suffering) pass on their suffering. You most likely will transfer your fear, doubt and insecurity to others because others will notice that something is not right with the natural flow. Others will notice or sense turbulence in the energy flow of life in some way. When you disrupt the natural flow you can make others sick and this includes animals.

Just think how it is for those close to you if you employ this type of dishonest manipulative force in your interpersonal affairs much of the time. You continually put family, friends and others off balance. Whether you realize it or not you are taking away their natural right for them to experience the peaceful flow of nature. Mental illness is caused to others by your repeated forceful actions. A person who is conscious of being a loving being is aware that they should be honest.

I am not saying that all manipulation is bad. Jesus would tell parables so as not to directly hurt the feelings of others. Jesus lovingly intended for listeners to understand their Selves through the characters in the parables and correct their behavior. Jesus certainly did not cloak hidden meanness in his communication.

When you really accept your mind and body with love you realize that everyone else is also going through the process of Self Acceptance. Self Realization is Self Acceptance. When you get to this point of Self Realized reality orientation you can tell if others are not there yet. You actually become sad and have empathy for those you see who have not accepted their Selves yet. Some people never accept their Self. Why would you want to be dishonest, manipulative and mean to someone who is going through the same process of Self Realization as you are? But you have to wake up to realize this really simple aspect of Our human nature. You are the same as they are.

Moreover, when you employ force for your selfish hidden agenda you are disrupting the natural flow of nature. When you disrupt the natural flow of nature you are disrupting the natural flow for Us to realize Our Shared Universal Consciousness. Buddha said, “do not put another head above your own.” This Self Realized quote by Buddha means come to your own conclusions. If you sense something that is happening is out of wack it probably is. Self Realized reality orientation is about listening to your Self (Our Universal True Self) through the clear decoded messages that come from the mind and body that you have learned to love. The more you lovingly take care of your mind and body the clearer will be your understanding. When you work at this for a time you will slowly begin to enter Our Universal Consciousness and it just might come in a Big Pop Realization Of Self that graces you to see Our Universal True Self.

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