Be honest with your Self when you exercise. I have a Total Gym that I work out on a few times a week. You know the Total Gym from the infomercials with Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. Usually, I intersperse yoga postures between the Total Gym exercises and I get a beautiful full-body workout as I work with my mind, body and air that I breathe. I get a muscle workout from the Total Gym and a muscle and stretch workout from the yoga. The combined workout that I have mixed together has given me slight muscle tone and good flexibility. I have also transitioned to a plant-based diet. Because of the life I have had I got into exercising regularly and this has gone on for over forty years. I have extensive experience at running, walking, hiking, biking and swimming. I am also a juggler. I tell you this to establish credibility with you on the subject of exercise. Do not listen to anything but your own mind, body and breath while exercising – listening to a device distorts the mind/body connection. Only listen to an exercise partner. In order to understand your Self the best, you should exercise by your Self at least half of the time.

With the COVID-19 epidemic many-many people have taken up different forms of exercise. We see people out doing different types of exercises all over. I have found that if you commit to being honest with your Self while you exercise that you will habituate to total Self Honesty when you are not exercising. Self Honesty combined with exercise strengthens your will power while giving you greater courage. When you concentrate on your breath, you come to your Self. You just have to make the commitment to doing it and make sure you keep it up. Don’t quit. When We become more conscious of our mind, body and breath we become much healthier. Self Honesty during exercise is motion meditation, or motion contemplation, and is body prayer. Self Honesty purges negativity out of Us and causes Us to understand how We have been conditioned by the world. Self Honesty causes Us to Realize Our True Self. Exercise becomes a form of prayer when Self Honesty is employed. This is when exercise becomes highly spiritual and leads Us to Our higher mind, or True Self. The True Self is where Our Super Intuition and/or the divine in-dwelling in Us lurks. Life is about bringing the True Self out. When you commit to being honest with your Self while you exercise you are surrendering to your True Self and this is Our True Self. When you truly make this surrender, the divine in-dwelling in you will be much stronger and will positively urge you on through your thoughts and feelings. The divine in-dwelling will tell you what to do. This is Our Universal Spirit or Our Universal True Self.

Since ancient times the goal of physical education has been to form all-around healthy individuals. The ancient Greeks who held the first Olympics stated that when a person perfects their body that the “gods will enter the person.” The “gods entering the person” was the Greeks way of saying that the person will become illuminated and/or enlightened by combining disciplines. I use the word “enlightened” because Self Honesty turns on the light. The Greeks discovered that the discipline of employing Self Honesty, while truly facing the Self, through exercise has great spiritual results. True spirituality is discipline and I do not just mean exercise. Some people are geared for exercise types of discipline and other people are geared for other types.

The foundation for this blog is the koan from the discipline of Zen – WORDS ARE TRAPS. Keeping this koan in the back of your head can have profound Super Intuitive results. You’ll see. The koan aids Us in not only breaking through to understandings that pierce the veils of illusion that have to do with language but also nonverbal illusions, that is, all illusions. I am talking about how We can stop being tricked. We become centered. We become balanced. The discipline of Zen seeks enlightenment through introspection and intuition. Zen and other contemplative disciplines lead Us to Our True Self.

The Zeitgeist of Our present time is Our kundalini energy (spiritual energy) rising and making Us more conscious of Our personal True Self and Our collective True Self/Selves or each other, that is, our interconnection. I recommend researching the subject of kundalini. We are getting more in touch with Who We Are. We share Universal Consciousness. It is one thing to intellectually understand the subject of Universal Consciousness and it is quite another to actually see it and know it.

It is said that “through pain comes wisdom.” The pain We are experiencing because of the changes that COVID-19 has Us going through are for many getting Us in touch with the truth that sets Us free. The truth is inside Us. We need to have the guts to face Our Self to do this and it appears that We are doing this on the Collective or Universal level. When We get more in touch with Our Self – We get more in touch with other Selves. We realize that We are eternal beings. It does not matter how old you are when you surrender to Your Self. The eternal life has no age. You are really surrendering to the Universe or God. Since the dawn of time all the holy people of the earth have tried to explain to Us through the limited vehicles of language and the arts that We share Universal Consciousness. The more you work at the discipline of Self Honesty, which is also called Self Inquiry Meditation, the more you will see Our Shared Universal Consciousness. The same Self in you is in me. You have to bring the True Self out. The more your True Self takes over your false self/ego the more you are awake and actually see other Selves going through the same process. You AWAKEN to being conscious of your Self among others. You realize that you are not separate from others. When We get to this point, We breathe and function for the betterment of everyone. Joseph Campbell said, “We are the consciousness of the earth.” The purer, or cleaner, or clearer that We get inside of Our Self the more We see that the Campbell quote is true.

People are intuitively turning to exercise because it is Our primal instinct to tune into Our mind, body, breathing and movement. Many of Us are becoming Body Prayer. Exercise combined with Self Honesty gets Us in touch with dormant parts of our minds and bodies. Exercise releases old unconscious pain from Our bodies and We are able to heal Our hurts. We catch Our mental and emotional blocks and deal with them, and get rid of them; this is truly facing our Selves. We Purify Our Hearts. We build new neuronal pathways and connections within Our Selves and we become healthy human beings with no inhibitions. We are not afraid to look people in the eye and stand up for Our Selves. We understand each other better as we understand Our Selves and We see and understand all people as a world tribe. We go back to Our roots and become psychically primitive. We are honest with Ourselves and see and understand Our Universal Consciousness.


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