The more that We commit to Self Honesty, the more We stockpile its benefits. When you are honest about everything you have nothing to worry about. Sir Walter Scott said, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” Being fully honest with your Self and others is the ultimate survival strategy.

The foundation for my writings is the koan from the contemplative discipline of Zen WORDS ARE TRAPS. If there are things that We do not want to face about anything, We are cheating Our Self by not dealing with what We do not want to face. When We face what We do not want to look at, or notice, about Our Self, and think Our way through the uncomfortable thoughts to a Self-Resolution, We gain personal power from the resolution. It took energy to repress, or suppress, or hide what We did not want to face. The energy that you use to keep things hidden from your Self can cause you to have psychosomatic illnesses. The repressing, suppressing or hiding of your thoughts from your Self can also make people around you sick and this includes pets. We are energetically interconnected.

When We do not want to face something about Our Self, the hiding of the problem inside Us can come with Us making up some kind of personal fable to Our Self so We can live with Our Self. The personal fable that We make up to Our Self in order to live with Our Self is a word trap. We are making up a self esteem maintenance strategy to Our Self in order to keep Our pseudo self esteem. We lie to Our Self. We are a phony to Our Self. Many times to keep Our lies going We may take aggressive or passive aggressive action against others because we are laboring under the delusion that We will be embarrassed in some way if We don’t. We really subconsciously know that We are a phony but We would rather be a phony then resolve the problem.

Our personal fables stem from fear and can cause Us to spread defensive lies to others and this is the tangled web that Sir Walter Scott talked about. If We are spreading many lies, those lies contain a lot of energy. If We do not want to ever resolve the lies, it means that We do not want to get caught in Our lies to others; this is a great amount of false energy to have to manage. A person like this is separate from others. A person like this has not risen to a love vibration where they realize what word trapping does to their Self and others. Other people should not be part of a false reality or nastiness.

COVID-19 is causing Us to be honest with Our Selves and each other – the ultimate survival strategy. Being honest with Our Selves makes Us love Ourselves. We are a world tribe. It is taking Us back to Our Sacred Roots. Our Sacred roots embody the GOLDEN RULE which is to treat others as you want to be treated or to love Our neighbor as Our Self.

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