The words I, We, Us, and Our are capitalized in this essay because We are all One and the Same Spirit.

Negative people are killers of joy. Negative people produce negative results. Negative people will hold you down and back. Negative people are negative about you behind your back. You have to drop negative people.

We do not want to go around killing the hopes and dreams of others. Tearing down others is selfish. It is unfortunate that many of those around Us are negatively focused. Negative people are insecure. Negative people are in a negative cage as this pathological condition is called now-a-days. Some are more negative than others. Positive people are loving. A positive person helps others by building up their realistic hopes and dreams. Positive people share. Positive people produce positive results. Positive people spread joy. People en-joy associating and working with positive people. Notice who is not joyful around you. Notice who has a habit of talking badly about others. Are you a positive person associating with negative people? Is your boss a negative person? Notice who always goes against your hopes and dreams. This is the person who always gives you reasons why things will not work out for you and other people. This person may never give you a compliment. Give this person a few chances. Try to make the person conscious of their attitude. This is how a positive person attempts to help a negative person; this is love. If they do not change – drop them. A person who has developed Self-Respect will also get out of a negative work environment. If you are a positive person who is in a negative work environment, or you have a negative boss, you will be picked on in different ways. A negative boss will attempt to make you feel inadequate. It is the love that you have for your Self that tells you to get rid of the negative person. The bad vibrations emanating from the negative person are coming from a level of hatred that they have for their self. They are projecting their level of self hatred onto you. People lie to each other, and about each other, at this level. They are usually unconsciously attempting to keep you at their level. They feel low, alienated and lonely and they want you there too. Like the saying goes, “misery loves company.”

Negative people have the tendency to compete with you. Your negative boss will compete with you. They are in competition with you as opposed to cooperation. If they think that you are better than they are in something, they will cheat to make themselves look better than you. They will cheat in most anything. If a negative person cannot keep you at their level of suffering they will tear you down behind your back. This is because you threaten them. Your positive nature and talent makes them aware of their negative short comings. They will spread actual lies about you. They will commit what are called “sins of omission” by telling half truths about you. They will twist the truth. Bearing False Witness is their lifestyle. You may notice that you get dirty looks and negative comments from people who you have met in the presence of a negative person. You may notice a number of persons giving you dirty looks and making negative comments to you who you have met through a particular negative person. The dirty looks and negative comments is the negative person holding you back. They have back-stabbed you. Remember this blog has as its foundation the koan WORDS ARE TRAPS. Some people will take this type of abuse for years and never realize what is happening to them. Many people finally realize what went on in their association with a negative person when they get older. The elderly get sad when they realize this and it is a sadness that they need to come out of.

Positive people want you to succeed – don’t they?. Like Attracts LIKE. Moreover, positive people spread joy. Joy is infectious. Positive people sense other positive types. Positive loving people see the potential in others. Positive people are at the level where Self-Love lies. This is the level of honesty and integrity. A person of integrity tells the truth. A person of integrity is not threatened by other people because they have discovered their Self-Worth. A person of integrity has examined their Self. You can work on being more positive by thinking about and noticing positive and the negative in your Self and other Selves. You become more conscious of the positive and the negative, that is, you become more Self-Aware. It is the courage to examine your Self that brings out the Universal Love of the True Self; the authentic Self. The Realized Self is the True Self that emerges enough to want the True Self in others to emerge. It is the recognized, emerged and actualized True Self presence in you that catches you if you are going to be negative with someone. This is because the True Self in you is developing, or has developed enough, and is protecting you. The emerged True Self in you also protects you by recognizing the negativity of others. People who have not developed their True Spirit Self which is the Same Self Spirit of Humanity do not recognize all of the negativity coming from others. They have not Awakened enough yet. We awaken more around positive people.

When We come to the courage to have an ongoing conscious truthful dialog inside of Our Self We naturally become more joyful because We are setting Our Self free. When We get to this point We want others to set their Selves free too. We love Our Self and at this level We naturally want other Selves to join the party. We want others to realize their True Self like We did. We feel sorry for others if they do not achieve the Realization of the True Self. We feel empathy with them. We feel compassion for them. We have ascended to a high enough vibration of love to understand the struggle of others. We love humanity. We radiate joy. We Love Our Neighbor As Our Self


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