Lent is the period of forty weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Easter, observed variously in Christian churches by fasting and penitence to commemorate Jesus fasting in the wilderness. Jesus is our model to lose the ego. Lent is a time to tell people that we are sorry for wrongs committed. We apologize and forgive to release negative disease producing energy lodged in our cell tissue and nervous systems that causes us conscious and unconscious distress.

penitence – the state of being penitent; repentance SYN.penitence implies sorrow over having sinned or done wrong; repentance implies full realization of one’s sins or wrongs and a will to change one’s ways; contrition implies a deep crushing sorrow for one’s sins, with a true purpose of amendment; compunction implies a pricking of the conscience and therefore suggests a sharp but passing feeling of uneasiness about wrong doing; remorse implies a deep and torturing sense of guilt; regret may refer to sorrow over any unfortunate occurrence as well as a fault or act of one’s own. Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition, 1980.

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