Implementing protracted Universal Education of the Heart in curriculum’s around the world will take away the feeling of individual separation (the ego). We will understand that we are connected energetically. This will make us conscious of the need to apologize to each other and forgive each other. We will realize that we affect the whole of humanity with our behavior. Teachings of the great spiritual masters should be made known by restatement after restatement through all the years of youth education.

One such spiritual master who has much to tell us is the Oglala Lakota Nicholas Black Elk. Black Elk is being considered for sainthood by the Vatican. Note 6 on page 13 of the book, The Sacred Pipe, that is about Black Elk, tells “Wakan-Tanka as Grandfather is the Great Spirit independent of manifestation, unqualified, unlimited, identical to the Christian Godhead, or to the Hindu Brahma-Nirguna. Wakan-Tanka as Father is the Great Spirit considered in relation to His manifestation, either as Creator, Preserver, or Destroyer, identical to the Christian God or to the Hindu Brahma-Saguna,”

My vision (with the heads of spiritual masters) that is described in the feature article WORDS ARE TRAPS on and Black Elk’s vision on Black Peak (where all people are coming together) both are telling that all people no matter what nationality they are or where they come from all share the same Great Spirit or Divine Indwelling and that The Great Spirit pervades all life.. This means that we are all ONE and that we are all related. We are not separate individuals. We are a collective WHOLE. We are confused by the illusion that we are separate. We will actually be able to see and understand our energetic connection by restatement after restatement of our connection all through the school years. The restatements will be presented in different ways i.e., various teaching methods.

Being honest with our selves and each other will collectively connect our minds to our hearts. The need to apologize and forgive will be known (see The OUR MOTHER/FATHER). We will be conscious of the fact that if we do not apologize and forgive that this causes unresolved feelings (energy) to be lodged in our cell tissue. Unresolved energy is unhealthy and can cause health problems on both sides of the issue as medical intuition explains.

There were no police officers in the native cultures of yesteryear. If natives had an issue with each other they would admonish one another and attempt to talk the problem out. If talking it out did not resolve the problem, or if a party would not talk the problem out, it was then taken to tribal counsel for adjudication. If the party or parties did not obey the judgement they were then banned from the tribe. This type of procedure makes everyone conscious and keeps harmony in the WHOLE. It is a known fact that evil operates in the shadows. This type of resolution is and was done in other traditions including Christianity. It keeps US honest and healthy with our minds connected to our hearts.

The ego with it’s feeling of separation needs to be brought out all through school years. Note 9 on page 21 of The Sacred Pipe conveys the shared understanding that a person “…ceases to be a part, a fragment, and becomes whole or holy; he shatters the illusion of separateness.” This is a heart-felt understanding of each other. We become ONE. Native Americans chant and pray : Make us ONE.

Humility is the most difficult of the spiritual virtues to achieve. The ego wants to be right and uses denial as its defense. Restatement after restatement of the need to apologize and forgive will calm the individual and collective ego down and strengthen our hearts by making US realize our ONENESS. Page 13 of the Sacred Pipe explains that seeds planted in this manner “will in time grow in our hearts…children will have strong hearts.”

God is in US all. Great Spirit is struggling to break through the ego. Page 19 tells “…whenever he receives illumination or wisdom from Wakan-Tanka, so that his ignorance dies, and he then lives continually in the Spirit.” In other words, we become walking prayers. Isn’t this the way that it should be – our minds connected to our hearts with no filters in between?


  1. I really like your statements here. ESP about our Oneness and the difficulty of achieving humility.
    Good writing, Gary!


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