” The rites of the onikare (sweat Lodge),,.it purifies us so that we may live as Wakan-Tanka (Great Spirit) wills, and HE may even send to us a vision if we become very pure.” The Sacred Pipe – Black Elk’s Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux, J. E. Brown, p. 31.

By accident I lived a lifestyle that was very pure spiritually and physically. I detached from the common desire world for a time. I learned to love myself and extend that love to others. I was a runner studying character development and I studied nutrition. Runners sweat a lot. This is similar to the purity gained from sweat lodge experiences plus you are out in nature. The book, The Zen of Running, by Fred Rohe, tells much. I encourage everyone to take up an awareness of spirituality that includes general exercise, yoga, meditation and contemplation, study, reading books of wisdom, and listening and viewing audio/visual materials that speak to you.

Thirty-seven years ago I had a vision of what I determined later to be spiritual masters. In a cloud,I saw what I have described the heads of a Hindu male wearing a turban, a Mongolian male, a Chinese male, an African male, a Native American chief, and a Carmelite nun. I now speculate that the Hindu may have been a Muslim. There was also another that I neglected to mention and that head without a turban looked like the Hindu Rabindranath Tagore. Through the vision, I gained access to Our Universal consciousness and along with this came supernatural abilities (just awareness) for healing and helping people that I am still realizing. I had been developing my character for quite some time when this happened. For the past thirty-seven years I have lived the lifestyle that granted me the vision.

The Sacred Pipe tells on p. 44-46 about Hanblecheyapi or CRYING FOR A VISION. This is called Lamenting by the Oglala. Some time before the vision I did not realize that I was surrendering to God or The Great Spirit. I was very sad with tears in my eyes and from my heart asked God for strength. I was also accepting and surrendering to myself but I did not realize that at the time. I went on living this attitude. This was not a selfish vanity-like request. Because I had this humble attitude the cloud vision with the Universal Knowing came later.

I developed my character through being honest with myself. I practiced self-inquiry meditation. I performed stand-up comedy(writing and public speaking) while going to college. I studied on the side. I took up nutrition, running, hiking, juggling, bicycling and yoga. I spent time in nature with animals. I fell back on the words of Jesus that I was taught as a youth. This all set the foundation for the mystical event that transformed my life into a person who wanted to honor my family and help the world at large. There are people who know that I stated these intentions. It is said that we are judged by our good works. I took care of my family when they were deathly sick. Because I was opened to so much about humanity I worked behind the scenes to help. For eleven years I wrote many newspaper articles with a Christian and general spiritual uplifting emphasis. I received loving feedback and encouragement from people. I donated to causes. Your awareness expands and you study and learn as you go along. The high spiritual energy of master teachers is received through books and information that comes to a person from having a vision of this nature. My newspaper articles can be accessed through the history of microfilm as some have researched.

Through the vision I realized that everyone in the whole world is just like me inside of their self. We are just in different bodies. We are all the same . We are connected energetically and we need this understanding to be taught from the cradle on up. This KNOWING will eventually unite the world. This will prevent much illness because we will become more sensitive to each other. In the words of Yogi Bhajan “we will become multi-sensory” and this branches into multiple subjects. We are ONE. What I know is ineffable, that is, beyond words (see hypocognition). There is really one spirituality that is one reality.

The great Native American mystic, healer and heyoka (sacred clown) Black Elk had a vision like mine. Black Elk’s imagery was different but the translation is the same. Black Elk’s vision placed him atop Black Elk Peak where he saw all people coming together as one. Black Elk also states that there are not words to describe the full message of visions, thus, hypocognition.

I had, by myself and by accident, performed primal preparations that gave me what could be called expanded psychic primitive knowledge. I realized that these preparations are taught in different ways in all the major traditions. The core principles need to be taught and taught and taught to make us understand each other and lessen disease.

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