A koan is a paradoxical anecdote or riddle used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment.

I took a hit off the joint (entheogen) and instantly a vision of a cloud appeared before me. OH MY GOD! Pictured within this cloud were the heads of what I determined later to be spiritual masters. There was an Islamic man wearing a turban, a side view of a man, probably Hindu, who resembled Rabindranath Tagore, a side view of a man, probably Hebrew, who reminded me of Yassar Arafat, a Mongolian male, an African male, an Oriental male, a Native American chief with a full headdress, and a Carmelite nun. I was undergoing a mystical experience of profound expansiveness. I gazed at the cloud – huh? WOW! I sprung out of my chair and the cloud disappeared. I noticed an effulgent golden flaming light radiating off my body especially my arms. It was a color more brilliantly golden and luminous than I had ever seen before. AWESOME! Vibrating out of the ether came an external locution of my Psychology Of Consciousness professor Dr. Som Gay voicing the Zen koan he gave us in class words are traps. I am intuitively realizing that everyone is bombarded by language that holds us back and that we are all part of the exact same soul that is just in different bodies under different conditions. Eureka everybody is like this, I am entering the universal consciousness of us all, I thought to myself. Goosebumps covered my entire body as I realized this primal truth. I found God or The Holy Spirit or The Great Universal Spirit or Cosmic Spirit inside myself and everybody else at the same time. I broke through the cultural conditioning or worldly conditioning that we suffer from. A reason that we suffer is because we think we are separate from others.We all have the same model of inner self. You can call it what you want words are traps. Our intuition is beyond words and tells us the truth by knowing when we are centered. A vision, bathed in golden light, a locution, goose bumps, this is ecstasy. I achieved unity with Spirit. This state is called union in the study of Mystical Theology. The developmental stages that a person or spiritual aspirant can go through are explained in Mystical Theology as Purging, Illumination and Union. For understanding, see the book POWER VS. FORCE, by Dr. David R. Hawkins, 93-94. I reached a permanent higher level of peace while becoming much more settled. This is the peace they talk about that passes all understanding. This is the peace of Jesus and most of the saints and sages of all traditions. In this state the common feeling for the fear of death is lost and understandings of the afterlife are sensed.

Sir David R. Hawkins was a great spiritual master.

By being honest with myself, I was using Self-Inquiry meditation. This led to my transformation. I took up meditation after my transformation. I was naturally inclined to use sports to relax. I combined sports with being honest with myself. I still use sports like hiking and biking to gain greater Presence. I also practice a combination of two kinds of Breath Prayer to gain greater Presence. I use Benson Technique and Centering Prayer. The Dr. Herbert Benson Technique is a generic type of meditation. Centering Prayer was explained to the world by the Benedictine monk, the late Thomas Keating. Centering Prayer is a type of meditation used by the early Christians that can lead to initial Awakening, Self-Realization and Enlightenment. Keating called achieving permanent higher states of consciousness the gift of Contemplation. Keating’s associate Cynthia Bourgeault carries the torch for him today.

Throughout history people have had unreal and fantasy like ideas about the lives of many holy people. History is not always communicated correctly. Honestly communicated language is an assimilation and accommodation of inner knowing. Dishonestly communicated language is a perversion of inner knowing. Honest mistakes in the perception and interpretation of language come from levels of consciousness or awareness. We need to pierce the veils of illusion and sense the truth.

Awakening is becoming conscious of ourselves among others.

To aid in understanding what I am writing about see The Map Of Consciousness in POWER VS. FORCE, 68-69. This is an ingenious interpretation of spiritual development. Dr. Hawkins love for mankind permeates The Map. There are ascending degrees of awareness within the range of every state or level of consciousness. The degrees within the range of every state or level of consciousness have lessons to learn and the lessons learned need to be integrated into the character. Transformation occurs after the permanent integration of a lesson within the range of a state or level of consciousness. The lessons deal with nonattachment and further ego death. Every state needs to be nurtured. Saints or holy people or advanced good people have gone through and go through severe tests of different kinds as they ascend up the levels of consciousness and they transform due to the lessons learned. The lessons learned ready these good people to help others.

An after effect of the psycho/spiritual/physical alchemy that I went through was gaining the ability to deeply and broadly understand the words that directly came out of the mouths of Jesus and the saints and sages of all traditions. Jesus and the saints and sages of all traditions were and are trying to get us to realize ourselves and the selves of everyone else. They have tried to get us to realize ourselves through the limited vehicle of language and the use of other forms of persuasion.

We have to forgive ourselves before we can forgive others.

When we move up in consciousness we forgive our self. We realize that we could not help what we did because we were not conscious of our self among others. We felt separate from everyone. This is realizing the self. We realize that others are going through this also. They cannot help what they do because of their levels of consciousness. We all have the same model of inner self. We are then able to forgive others because we realize that they cannot help what they do either.We do not feel separate from others anymore. This raises the love we have for our self and we are able to send greater love to others. In the words of Jesus, “forgive us our trespasses(our debts) as we forgive those(our debtors) who trespassed against us.”

This was a spontaneous mystical experience of great permanent transformation. Through subsequent study, I realized that I had taken the right steps by accident to get aligned with God or Spirit. I had minor epiphanies along the way. I overcame my past. What I realized is far beyond an initial awakening where we realize about our body and the energy of our body and the energy of other bodies and the unconscious parts of our minds. Certain types of spiritual bondage need to be gotten rid of so to speak. This is what has been called enlightenment. Some people who have been called saints were not enlightened. Enlightenment is an extremely rare condition. A person who has achieved enlightenment is more aware than the average person(700 on The Map). The veils of illusion have been pulled away and the enlightened person recognizes universal mind or universal self or universal soul in others, so to speak. The collective unconscious becomes conscious. The enlightened person sees how the person being read or screened is under the spell of darkness or is controlled by the negativity of the ego. This is where the person needs to improve. Once the lowest level of enlightenment has been achieved(700 on The Map), as mentioned above, the degrees ascend upward having lessons to be learned and integrated into the character. You have the ability to grow at any level. The highest known levels or states through out history are the levels of Jesus and Buddha.

Wow! Holy mystical Experience! After doing research, I realized that the heads that I saw were spiritual masters and I was never exposed to the paintings before. The heads of the spiritual masters signified to me that everyone is the same as you and I inside ourselves. Again, we are just in different bodies under different conditions. The genders and all races are the same inside themselves. We are all one. The mystics of all traditions have tried to get this really simple understanding across. I did more research and I realized that God or Spirit will talk to you in a in a language and a way that you will understand. I experienced the external locution of hearing Dr. Gay’s voice saying, “Words are traps” and I intuitively sensed the rest. I highly respected Dr. Gay and learned much from him. Through the accidental preparation before my transformation and after my transformation or my full Self-Realization, I gained much information and many insights about mankind. I intend in the future to describe and explain my true life experiences and hands on gained knowledge and perceptions that come from the experience of achieving my transformation.

Young children will love to hear about the subject of awakening.

Most of us can achieve what I achieved. You just have to do the work. I can tell you how. The work for me was fun. I did not realize I was doing the work at the time. What happened to me or the state that I gained is what all religions and spiritual traditions have forever been trying to get across. Among other knowledge and abilities, I achieved the ability to see through egos or read hearts i.e., cardionosis. You can recognize where you have been. Remember the same self is in different bodies. I do not consider the ability to read hearts what is called in the Indian culture a Siddhi. I do not consider the ability to read hearts a paranormal ability. A person who has achieved ground floor enlightenment can read hearts because they have awakened to a high degree of awareness.

In the future we can nurture children along the awakened path.

This enlightening mystical experience that transformed me into a mystic happened long before the internet in the 1980’s. I am a natural contemplative, so after having this experience happen to me it felt natural for me to forgo a normal life and continually experiment, study and contemplate what had happened to me. After all, if you can read others hearts you should retreat for a while. I retreated and studied for years. The way the world is evolving, it is time for me to step up and give what I have to mankind. I have spent countless hours of study on the subjects of Awakening, Self-Realization and Enlightenment.

I had what is called a massive spontaneous kundalini arousal. I was not living in a monastery where an experience like I had could possibly be understood and worked with, I lived in Wisconsin. I learned on my own. I am describing this as simply as I can. There are many different ways to describe the state. Description differs much of the time because of the limits of language to describe enlightenment. It can always be told another way. The describer vacillates between the logical and the intuitive. People who are logic bound are not able to ascend to the higher mind or deeper and broader intuition to sense the greater part of the attempt at description. The subject then is ineffible.

The future will see communication outlets and educators explaining about “games that people play.” This is a core issue for our advancement. Communication outlets and educators will prepare themselves through the study of Psychology, especially Abnormal Psychology. This will be an evolutionary leap in consciousness. Collective Intuition will then become clearer. There will be greater Collective Mindfulness. People will not participate in “the games” because they will recognize them. Game players will have to raise their vibrations to a higher resonance of spirituality in order to get along. Higher consciousness will spread. No Games. There will be greater self-love and/or self-esteem seen in individuals because people will not be getting hurt as much and this will serve the interconnection of us all. We will pull each other up. Due to understanding, people will not be as fearful and will not have the urge to control and manipulate so much. People will not feel separate from each other because there will be a collective understanding about our energetic connection. People will become more relaxed and let the flow of nature take its course. Disease will be less and this includes addictions. This lies in our education and our ability to love. Global Heart Resonance will rise. Imagine how this will be!

People must learn to ascend to the higher mind in order to grow spiritually. To do this, we need to become more aware of our true motivations and this includes understanding when we have cross motivations. Clever use of words and other means of persuasion can conceal sinister motivations. The more we understand ourselves, the more we understand everyone else. Remember that we all have the same model of inner self. Our motivations whether good or bad or somewhere in between are linked to the communication that we use. Are we just thinking about ourselves when we send out our communication or are we thinking about the welfare of everyone? Love considers the welfare of everyone. People need to grow past 499 and past 500 in the Hawkins MAP OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Over 500 is where fuller and clearer intuition and the higher mind resides. Our heart opens here to understand everyone.

“And the minds true liberation” This is a line from the song – Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In – sung by the Fifth Dimension. Listen on my Facebook page.

We need to be nonattached to greatly advance spiritually. I was self-supporting when I transformed by accident. Not having to worry about money gave me the freedom to go all the way up on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs all the way to Self-Actualization. My full self-Actualization and Enlightenment came from facing the world through the adventure and art of Stand-Up Comedy. I also had the orientation of doing stand-up for the joy of the art and for character development. I was honest with myself. I did not firstly have an attachment for wealth and the need to support myself and others. Jesus had backers who gave Jesus feelings of security and Buddha came from a wealthy family that Buddha realized he could fall back on – think about it.

We all can suffer from comparing our self to others. That is not what it is all about. For example, I am not Dr. David R. Hawkins, but I would like to keep advancing through my life as Dr. Hawkins did. Awakening, Self-Realization and Enlightenment are about taking time out for nurturing our self and realizing our unique beautiful self no matter what our conditions.

Some people may accuse me of having a spiritual ego. Look, there is no other way to describe the state of enlightenment. I claim the lowest level. The only other ways besides personal experience to attempt to describe enlightenment are to do a traditional report followed with an interpretation or to do a scholarly work of some kind that contains a literature review where the researcher is reporting and then writing an interpretation. Remember that language is limited and WORDS ARE TRAPS.

2 thoughts on “WORDS ARE TRAPS

  1. This is indeed very interesting. But it’s a slow read and I couldn’t figure out how to copy it – as I prefer to read things later in my easy chair than on a computer. Years ago my instinct told me ‘hey, this guy isn’t really as crazy as he appears’. So I started paying attention and I’m glad that I did. Obviously there’s a real / serious ‘writer’ in here and we can only hope he sticks to it – as they say ‘writers write’ – so to produce other useful informational(s) going forward.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Dennis. At the end of the movie The Wizard of Oz, when the balloon gets away, Dorothy yells, “Come back” and the Wizard’s reply is “I can’t, I don’t know how it works.” I do not know how the formatting works for you to copy my blog post. My article is intended to be a slow read so as to put the reader in a contemplative state. Your kind words made me feel good. Blessings, Gary


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