“forgive us our trespasses(debts) as we forgive those(debtors) who trespassed against us” Jesus

We hear people who have been hurt by someone say, “I will never be able to forgive that person as long as I live.” Many people linger in a “psychic cemetery” of the Past for their entire lives unable to forgive. This is in no way healthy for us and those around us and this includes our pets. Psychosomatic illness comes from not forgiving. The Course in Miracles says that “All disease comes from a state of non-forgiveness,” and that “Whenever we are ill, we need to look around to see who it is that we need to forgive.” We are in an imbalanced mind-body state when we do not forgive. When we do not forgive we are unconsciously and consciously carrying negatively emotionalized feeling, or energy, in our cell tissue and nervous systems. This negativity needs to be purged by true forgiveness from our bodies for our health and for those around us. Purging the past puts us back in Present Time. This is what Jesus was telling us.

While we are moving up in conscious awareness, we forgive our self. We realize that we could not help what we did to others because we were not conscious of our self among others. We felt separate from everyone. We are then able to forgive others because we realize that others cannot help what they did to us either. This is realizing the Self in all. We all have the same model of inner self. We do not feel separate from others anymore. Our spirituality is growing up. We are Awakening. This realization raises the love we have for our self and we are able to send higher love to others. This is the beginning of mature awareness.

Through understanding the purging process of forgiveness we are battle ready for the future. We know how to stay in Present Time. We are healthy. Thank you for your love of mankind Jesus!

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