We are all Soulmates.

The “Yellow Brick Road” to seeing and knowing Universal Consciousness or Universal Mind ends with goosebumps and our hair standing on end in ecstasy as we realize we are all the same inside ourselves. We are just in different bodies. This is the simultaneous realization of you and we or Us. We become permanently transformed. Seeing and knowing Universal Consciousness means we realize it. Self-Realization is the Universal realization of all Selves. The more comfortable we get with ourselves the more we realize that we do not just have a specific soulmate but that everyone in general, is a soulmate. Being mindful of this fact when we interact with others (This person is a soulmate!) puts us at the door of Universal Consciousness. When our Universal Mind becomes clear we actually see each other beyond ego and with ego at the same time. After we have undergone effective ego clearing, that is, effective illusion clearing exercises, we naturally realize obstructions or blocks in each other that individually prevent us from seeing and knowing Universal Consciousness. Our individual minds become transformed as we realize our one Universal Mind. Clear Universal Consciousness then realizes we are everything. This is called Cosmic Consciousness. The future sees us realizing and carrying highly transformative energy. When realized energy permeates live groups members take the feeling of the awakening energy in them away with them to All. We are all soulmates.

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