Self-Realization or foundational Enlightenment is about proving things to yourself.

A reason why you do not reach full Enlightenment is that you are attached to proving yourself to others (ego). If you have to prove yourself to others your Self-love and esteem are not high enough. Your heart is not fully open if you are attached to proving yourself to others. Your heart has to be fully open to fully open the higher chakras. A fully open heart is fundamental for fully realizing higher levels of awareness. Self-Realization is about you realizing you not others realizing you. You needing to prove yourself to others is a self-esteem maintenance strategy, a compensation strategy, and a form of neurotic competitiveness. Self-Realization is about you competing against yourself. The process of Enlightenment is about realizing you are not separate from others. You become fully conscious of yourself among others while realizing our interconnectedness. Self-Realization, or foundational Enlightenment, realizes, that is, sees and knows, that we are the same inside ourselves while our same Spirit/Self exists in our different bodies. When you fully realize yourself you fully realize others. At the transforming moment of foundational Enlightenment, you become fully awakened to the spiritual reality inside yourself while fully realizing what has been in front of your face all along about the interior reality of others. The veils of illusion that conceal the Self, in all, have been seen through and you are forever transformed.

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