Have You Transformed Your Sadistic Tendencies?

The Riddler is a sadist.

WORDS ARE TRAPS is a koan. A koan is a paradoxical anecdote or riddle used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment. Intuition sees and knows through illusions of all types. Intuition figures along with logical reasoning but transcends logical reasoning to stand alone when language is limited. Moreover, intuition transits beyond logical reasoning when logical reasoning reaches the extent of language description. Intuition is the ability to know reality. Intuition grasps essence. Intuition sees and knows through lies constructed with language which are intended to deviously appear logical and reasonable. Intuition sees and knows through visual illusions.

This article defines sadism as the getting of pleasure from inflicting psychological or physical pain on another or others.

The energy of a sadist actually becomes heightened and greater when they “think” they have succeeded in hurting another. Some go as far as murder. This is the opposite of a loving person who derives pleasure from manifesting loving kindness to others. So sadism is a perversion. On the road to transforming our sadistic tendencies into loving tendencies, we first neutralize them. After these abnormal tendencies have been neutralized we in our Self-Realization continue transforming them into loving vibrations. We eventually get rid of these tendencies and inclinations altogether. Realizing who and what you are will get you clearly in touch with your True Self. This has been called soul searching.

The Intention of Mother Nature is for you to know and see that you are not separate from others. This is our interconnected state of reality. Fully realizing this state is part of what is termed Self-Realization or Enlightenment. When you truly understand yourself among others you realize how your vibrations affect others. A person on the ground floor of Integrity breathes and lives to positively affect others and this is love for humanity.

The Intention of Mother Nature is for you to fully open your heart. A Self-Realized person has cleared all sadism from their heart and Spirit. You have to have accomplished the foundational prerequisite of possessing a fully open heart in order for you to ascend to higher vibrational levels. At higher levels, you realize more and more about yourself amidst the world and/or cosmos. For your heart to fully open you need to have achieved basic understandings that have led you to the resolution of problems, with your birth, family, sexuality, and Self. You realize yourself and accept your conditions. Before you achieve these resolutions your energy is scattered and this can go on for a lifetime. After you fully achieve these resolutions you are ready to understand what truly opening your heart is all about.

Sadism is part of the ego. Up until now, we all have developed this perverse tendency in greater and lesser degrees. We are in the process of halting this perverse tendency in social interaction. Since we all possess the same essential Self inside us that is in our different bodies it is not as hard as we think to forgive each other when we realize the reality of our same Self or our Collective Self. Parents see the same Self reality in their children. Parents see this reality in all children. Parents and teachers should guide and teach this reality. Realizing our collective reality beyond the illusions of our bodies is to know our reality and realize ourselves as the one Spirit. So why would you want to gain pleasure by hurting someone who is just like you inside? Up until now, it has been hard to forgive others. But now you are working on realizing that you are part of the same Spirit that is inside others and this reality makes forgiveness much easier. We are individual parts of One Spirit. Up to a certain level in development people can not help what they do so we have to forgive them. When you forgive someone you are actually strengthening the Whole. We are One. A sadist is a person who does not understand their connection to humanity. A sadist is tricked by the physical illusion of our different bodies and has not yet realized the reality of our spiritual sameness connection. We affect the health of each other by our actions.

The ability to examine one’s conscience with the intention of improvement is Self-love and this love becomes transpersonal. Examining your conscience with the intention of improving yourself clears the cobwebs in you. The cobwebs are illusions inside of you that keep your True Self which is really Our True Self buried. Cobwebs are blocks and inhibitors inside you that keep the presence of your True Self in a fog so to speak. Clear the fog and there you are. The illusions are like weights that hold your True Self down so to speak. Understanding this True Self inside us is understanding Universal Consciousness. Here we align with what has been called the mind of God. Christianity has erroneously taught that the Spirit and Heart of Jesus are outside of us. Jesus was speaking about us aligning with Universal Consciousness. Cobwebs keep the voice in your head and from your heart weak and misunderstood. You think and talk to yourself with faulty ideas and information – WORDS ARE TRAPS. The voice in your head is your True Self. As you work hard at understanding and feeling yourself your True Self becomes stronger and stronger and eventually runs you with confidence. You become authentic and connected with others. Realize that your True Self is weak within you and can become much stronger with silence, taking time to be alone, proper information, study, exercise, yoga, work, and various other pleasurable activities. You have to strengthen your will to improve and you do this by doing things that may be hard for you at first.

In examining our conscience we become mindful of the strength of our True Self. In the process for transformation out of sadism, you begin the habit of asking yourself “Am I being mean here?” “Do I have malevolent thoughts and feelings and do I want to get someone because of them?” “Am I mean using hidden slights in my communication to others.” This is purging out your abnormalities. This is a major way of getting a hold of yourself and becoming conscious of yourself. After a while, you will be able to instantly neutralize these abnormal thoughts and feelings, and eventually, you will not have them at all because you understand the Universal Nature of Humanity. You realize others are just like you. You realize yourself among others. We are actually in the ongoing or evolving (or devolving – reforming?) process of transforming our Human Nature.

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