You have to “fully” transform the phony who is desperately maintaining your Idealized Image in order for you to “fully” blossom.

Until you fully transform the phony you communicate fear. A phony vibrates the spirituality of the phony. In the case of transformation, the inclinations of your Identity do not matter. It does not matter if you are LGBT or straight. What matters is that you are fully authentic. When you get to full authenticity with yourself you get to full authenticity with others and they pick it up from you. People will take or leave your authenticity. Get a hold of yourself. Stop attempting to create false realities about yourself with language. {WORDS ARE TRAPS} Most people will be positively affected by your authenticity whether they show it right away or not. Growth takes time. Your time here is short. Your highly vibrating authenticity plants seeds. Remember Johnny Appleseed. Through your achieved authenticity you become strong enough to handle the chaos that may ensue while others are further balancing themselves in authenticity. It is like with parents and other spiritual teachers. Parents know that children are Reality Testing trying out temporary identities. Parents do not always let on that they see through the temporary identity because they realize the growth stage. Parents put up with chaos if necessary. Parents also much of the time know when children are lying. Children do not realize parents know. The same is happening in society with people in general. Like on the Hawkins Map of Consciousness. The level above knows the levels below and we either put up with each other or not.

Transform the phony. Your complete authenticity will have a positively marked transforming effect on the masses. This happens via the domino effect and it really does not matter what you are involved in. You love yourself enough and that is what you are vibrating. Self-Realization is about you being authentically strong and you work for the whole. We are One is no joke. Self-Realization is about you loving others enough to die for them. Being fully truthful and not trying to be like others will gain you entry into your fully open heart which grants you the clarity that sees and knows Universal Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness.

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