LOVE OF SELF/OTHERS IS KEY – Be conscious of your breathing as much as possible – Surrender to God as you understand God – Exercise – Learn about Contemplation – Learn about Meditation – Forgive your Self, you could not help it and They could not help it – I realizes We – Be as as Honest with your Self as you can, always, as you Inquire inside your Self – No matter what, do not be afraid to face your Self – Accept your Self the way you are right now – Find time to be alone – Read/Study – Absorb your Self in the Beatitudes – Observe how babies learn or become conditioned – Go backwards realizing how your life was conditioned – Realize that before your conditioning you were blank – As much as you can say “I am not separate” from others – Notice the affect that your actions and/or energy have on others – ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU “TRULY” REALIZE THAT YOU ARE NOT SEPARATE FROM OTHERS BECAUSE YOU “TRULY” REALIZE THAT YOU ARE “CONSCIOUS” OF YOUR SELF AMONG OTHERSOH MY GOD I’M AWAKE!!!

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