I am not the only researcher who has come out with this information. It is no secret that we all learn from each other and that the Christian biblical information that I have sited is told in other traditions in different ways. This is why words like Universal and Collective are used in description.

The Formula

Illumination = 1) Surrender to being Honest with One’s Self + 2) Genesis 2:7 “Breath” + 3) Exodus 3:13-14 “I am who I am” + 4) “Beatitudes.”

When we surrender to be Honest with our Self, we are surrendering to the Great Spirit that is inside and outside of us. Breathing awakens us to how our organism holds the Great Spirit. I am is our individual Self that is part of the Universal/Collective/Cosmic/Supreme/Primordial/Great Spirit/Self (The OVERSOUL of Emerson). Contemplating and becoming the Beatitudes is the necessary character development that removes illusions from our minds that obstruct our awareness of The Great Spirit that is inside and outside of us or everywhere.

The Final Outcome

The final outcome of the formula is that we become highly conscious. We become Illuminated or Enlightened. We realize that our personal Self is part of the Universal Self. We literally see and know that we are not separate from others within the Cosmos. We see and know our Self in others. We realize that we are the cosmos. We understand how our behavior affects others and the entire cosmos. We understand ONENESS.


    1. Thank you Sister. The Beatitudes contain all the necessary knowledge to achieve higher states of love. This will be realized by auditors when the formula is taught. All relevant subject matter will be covered when I transmit the formula.


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