Oh, Jesus and the saints of all traditions want Us to become More Conscious! I want to lose my individual ego as much as I can so I am Spiritually Comfortable. That is what they tell me to do. Gee, don’t I first have to be aware of my ego and what it does in order to lose it? Yes. I see that I lose my ego by being Honest with my Self. I notice that the more Honest I am with myself, the more the Divine Indwelling inside of me merges with my ego. I have Faith in God. Oh my God! Other people have feelings. Other people are not objects. I Purge the wrongs I have done to Others, and the wrongs Others have done to me, out of my body. I Forgive myself and Others because We could not have helped it at the time. I realize that We were not advanced enough to help what We did. We Forgive Each Others’ Hearts. I realize what Jesus meant by Forgiveness. I realize that Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness are One. I am becoming Illuminated. I Love everybody. I realize that as long as I harbor envy, jealousy, revenge and other bad feelings in my Heart that I will never go into The Higher Mind of Yoga (yoke) or Spirituality. I realize that if I do not get rid of bad feelings, and bad ways of being, that I will not be fully balanced for, or understand higher Spirituality. I fully SURRENDER to SELF-HONESTY. This is surrendering to God? Yes. I’ve accepted myself. I’m authentic. Yes you are. I realize that the bad thoughts and feelings just cannot be there any more. I realize that it is the new Me. I realize that this is transformation. I know I am involved in activities that make me Love myself more. I feel my Self-Esteem getting higher. I Forgive you. I am a Luminous being. I know that under it all, you know how to straiten your Self out. I realize that the more Honest I am, the more I Love myself. LOVE. I notice that I have become aware that I transfer Love in general to everybody. I notice that I am becoming much more aware of my mind, my body, my thoughts, my affairs. I notice my breath and how it runs me. I have learned “alternative nostril breathing.” I am noticing that many things that I have believed have not been fully true. I’m seeing through more with my Intuition now. I have realized that Intuition fully functions with Honesty. Oh, I have to watch my bad thoughts and feelings or I will never get to Higher Love. I have to catch myself. Hey, is myself real or is the Divine Indwelling in me real? What is the Divine Indwelling? I understand that this merging inside of me of the Divine Indwelling with my ego is called Union. I see that the more I make the merger of the Indwelling with the ego that the less I am divided within myself. I see that I have become One inside of myself. I see that I have become One inside of myself. I see that I have become One inside of myself. I see that I have merged and balanced the inside of myself with the outside. I see that I am balanced within Nature. I understand that the more I stay balanced, the more I exist in the state of Nonduality. I notice that I am more comfortable when I just let things flow naturally. I see that I do not need to control as much. I’m more secure now. I’m glad that I don’t have a false overly sensitive and overly secretive self anymore. I have a True Self now. Wow, I’ve reached Integrity. I don’t have to lie. I now realize that Self-Honesty is the ground floor for real Spiritual advancement. I realize that Honesty is Fundamental. I notice that I have more courage now. I feel bad that most people do not have a good idea about the Divine Indwelling inside of them. I feel bad that most people do not listen to the Divine Indwelling inside of Us more. I think people should be more Present. Are most adults really disturbed children in adult bodies? Aren’t I trying to lose my ego through this process? Yes. I have learned that the more I lose my ego that the more God works through me. Does this mean that God channels through me? Yes. Hey, the Divine Indwelling is the good part of me that needs to get strong enough to be in charge of me all the time. I’m glad that I have befriended the good part of me. I’m glad that I am facing the goodness inside of me as well as the badness. I understand my sexuality. I have Hope. Hey, since I’m in touch with the Divine Indwelling inside of me I must be in touch with God. Is God beyond words? Yes. Is God in everybody? Yes. Is God everything? Yes. Aren’t We all really part of One Soul that is in Our different bodies? Is that one Soul part of God? Is seeing the Soul in everybody part of the Christ Light? Ya, We are all part of The Universal Mind. Gee, as all religions and traditions transcend language, We are all the same inside. Everybody Loves God! Can’t We just use the word “God” to make general understanding? But other traditions call God The Great Spirit. What about the Buddha light? You know it really isn’t that hard for me to pay attention to my thoughts. Is this what they mean by “getting in touch with my own ”psyche?” Oh, wow, I just noticed that thought and now this new thought. I’m starting to notice my own thoughts more. I tried meditation and that tuned me in too. I see that I have to be Honest with myself along with meditation. I notice that meditation and other concentration activities center me. Oh, I should try to be centered all the time. Oh, I don’t want to think of that. Why not. I think I’ll keep that hidden. What for? Come on, face it. Don’t be afraid. Ya, why am I afraid of myself? Why do I care what people think of me. I shouldn’t. I’m seeing through and healing from my cultural conditioning. Yes, I see “what is.” Oh, seeing “what is” is the state of Nonduality. I see that being truthful with myself and gaining more courage go together. I’m an authentic person. Wow, I’m sane. I’m noticing my dreams more now. I’m understanding that my dreams are there to help me. I see that I’m not afraid to speak up for myself now. Nice going! I see that being truthful gets me learning about proper nutrition for myself. I realize that I am unique and so are Others. We are all unique individuals. I realize that I should not compare myself to Others. I exercise. I see that people are geared for different types of exercise. It seems that this Self-Honesty is what they call contemplation. Wow, more “alternative nostril breathing” to calm me down. Awesome! I can work matters out pretty good when I’m alone. Wow, I’ve accepted myself just the way I am. Wow, I never thought that I would ever sincerely SURRENDER TO GOD. I Surrender to the Holy Cosmos. I Surrender to the Sacred. Please help me! Give me strength! Thank you for graces sent! I Pray. Am I a walking and talking prayer? Yes. I never thought that I would be walking around thinking about keeping my Heart Open. I’m Realizing Myself More. I go out of my way to help People. I give to Charities. I am of Service to Others. I’m noticing words that I speak with more. I’m tuned into my breath. I never have “bad breath”(humor). I’m noticing all of my senses more. I’ve noticed that everything is imprinted on me. Am I me or am I the Divine Indwelling inside of me​? Is matter conscious? Hey, wait a minute, who am I? I see myself in Others. Am I Others too? Are We all One? Yes. I’m becoming conscious of myself among Others more now. I sense the feelings of others. All People Are My People. I Love Animals. I’m conscious of ethics and morality more now. I see the affect my energy has on Others. Hey, like Buddha We should realize that We are not Separate beings. Yes, wow, we are all connected. Ya, when I see someone else they are not some foreign being that I am Separate from? Yes, this means that We have to be good to Each Other. Yes, I see, the Goodness inside of me has to take over the badness. Is that so hard? No. I radiate happiness, and peace. I have confidence in myself. I Love everybody! I see that to lose my ego, I have to be conscious of myself first. Let’s try together


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