The koan from Zen, WORDS ARE TRAPS, is the name of this blog because it was the catalyst that affected me to break through the illusions of my mind to be able to see and know Our Universal Mind. Breaking through Our illusions makes Us much more comfortable with life. I realized that I was ONE with Everything. Our Universal Mind is Our Universal Soul(Heart) and Spirit(Energy). We are ONE in this. This is also Christ Consciousness. For lack of better words, this is God as far as We know. We do not die. We are eternal in the Universe. The words that we truthfully attempt to use in communication are approximations of the reality that we perceive through Our individual body, mind, Soul and Spirit. We have to go beyond reason/logic to Our Higher Self of Intuition to truly know what is going on with all of Us within the entire Cosmos. The Cosmos is Energy. We have to see through the illusions that have been imprinted on Our individual mind that we think of as Me. Words only approximate so far. Through the limited use of language I attempt to get across the reality of Our Universal Mind. Our Universal mind is really Our Universal Self Our ONENESS. We are Cosmic energy. I language it in different ways because I am enthusiastically struggling with the limits of language to get across Our Universal Mind perception coming through from Source or “God” that We are part of. I agree with the great St. Francis of Assisi who said that the information was not coming from him. Francis said the information was coming through him as it does through all benevolent beings. I am sorry if I sound egotistical at times. I am not trying to inflate myself. I am Universal Energy as you are. The intention is to be of service to make others more comfortable in life through seeing and understanding. I am not really Gary Joseph Hobbins. I am Universal Mind and Spirit and so are you. We are Us. We are We or as Richard Moss put it, We are: THE I THAT IS WE. This is not a secret. We realize that WE ARE NOT SEPARATE. The same Self is in different bodies, or physical conditions, and is, part of, or Universal Energy or Everything. When We become conscious of, or truly realize, Our individual Self among Others, We begin to understand the Universal Energy that is Us and that We are the Cosmos. We have to use Our Energy, that We are individually and collectively in charge of, wisely, for the benefit of everyone and everything.


I found a writer, who is quite eloquent with language, who describes what I always try to get across. His name is Eugene Rawls and he authored the book A HANDBOOK OF YOGA FOR MODERN LIVING. I recently found this 1964 treasure in a resale store for fifty cents. Eugene practiced all forms of Yoga with Indian, Chinese and Japanese authorities. The cover of the book tells that he is co-founder and Director of the American Academy of Yoga. Pages 135 – 136 confirm my perceptions:

“It has been called by many names: Universal Mind, the Absolute, Tao, Brahman and numerous others. It does not matter what anyone calls it. All names are but labels in an attempt to communicate.

The Universal Mind cannot be described. It can only be experienced. It is beyond the scope of the everyday mind – this mechanical, intellectual, so called logical mind mechanism. In fact, as previously stated, the every day mind, with all of its logic and reason, with its movement and imaginings, is the ultimate obstruction to your experiencing Universal Mind.

Once experiencing Universal Mind, you know for all time who you are. You are Universal Mind. You are That. You have never been anything else and never can be anything else. You are Universal Mind at this very moment, now and forever. Only you and your realization of this one irrefutable fact of life are cloaked by the illusions of your everyday mind.

You will know the network of illusions with which your everyday mind veils you from your true self. It tells you that you are your body. It tells you that you are your mind. It incites you to desire and to strive to “satisfy” your senses.

It uses every device to keep you away from your realization, your experience of your true and eternal self.

But all of its tricks and deceptions, of all its desperate lies, there is one notion that has been implanted deep in the recesses of every human being which is the primary illusion that veils us from our true nature. This is the notion that you are a separate individual being, a separated entity, a personality, an “I.”

As Gautama Buddha said: “…no (Yogi) who is a real (Yogi) cherishes the idea of an ego-entity, a personality, a being, or a separated individuality.

All things – mind, body, matter and force – are but forms of and in Universal Mind, the great Self which is your only real identity.

In the moment of enlightenment that which you know as your self, that which you now call “I,” … merges into Universal Mind like a “dewdrop merging into the sea.” The part becomes the whole. That is fulfillment.”

I highly recommend reading, and contemplating, the collected works of Dr. David R. Hawkins to especially understand how We have to move from Reason to Intuitive knowing of Our Universal Consciousness(Mind/ Self). Study the theoretical framework of the Hawkins Map of Consciousness to aid in understanding how We have to move beyond reason in Our perception in order to feel and know Higher Love in general. We go on to know that We are not Separate from each other or the Cosmos. We are ONE. All spiritual traditions and belief systems become One at this point. The koan WORDS ARE TRAPS is designed to take Us beyond Language and illusions in general into the higher understandings of Intuition which is direct perception.

Hawkins tells Us that most people quickly filter their direct perceptions in 1/10,000’s of a second so as to see through their culturally conditions illusions. The illusions are what we need to get rid of to see what is really going on and merge into Our Universal Mind, that is, to merge into direct perception.

If you have questions about breaking through illusions in order to merge with Our Universal Mind, and be much more comfortable with your life, you can contact me through this blog.


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