My Dying Mother

Twenty-two years ago my mother had a massive stroke. I had recently gotten through with a major relationship and was staying with my elderly parents. I was in the house when June had the stroke. I was in the position to take care of her. I worked every day for two years taking care of her until she finally died from pneumonia. I never had a full day off. Back when I was nineteen I got into trouble and this embarrassed my parents. Embarrassing my parents bothered them and me for years. My mother never understood the mystical experience that I had that changed my life although she knew that I had transformed greatly for the better.

I was performing stand-up comedy when I was in my late twenties. I accidentally worked on enough character development that calmed down my ego or what is called the false self. I had a full-blown spontaneous mystical experience or kundalini arousal that is described in my blog This experience greatly expanded my understanding of everything. Everything became clearer. I was out of the fog so to speak. I healed. I realized that almost everyone can heal and improve.

What really happened is that I achieved my Self; and in achieving myself, I achieved the Self of all of US (see my biography). My clarity of perception was rendered so clear that I gained the permanent ability to tell how others need to calm their egos down, or employ character development, enough to get ready to possibly receive what I did from the universe. Most people advance gradually. Everyone does not have a blasting kundalini arousal but I am telling you to intensely work on your self and you will advance quicker and farther than the average person. This will rub off on your children and others greatly. This will be out in the book that I am working on.

It is characteristic for a person who achieves the heightened perception that I have to retreat from the world. That is what I did for many years. You retreat because you have to adjust to seeing through the false self of others. It has been observed that people like me usually work from behind the scenes to help humanity.

June was in a nursing home for the fist three months. I was there every day. She got a bed sore that never went away. You could see her back bone through the bed sore. She went through terrible long-suffering. After three months the medicare ran out and my elderly father and I took her home to care for her. I ran a full in-home hospital-like operation with my father assisting me. This included a Hoyer Lift, wheel chair, overall CNA work, communication with doctors, nurses, aids, social workers, pharmacies, Eucharistic ministers, being a host for visitors, shopping, cooking, getting up at 3:00 am every morning to check her and many other considerations. I hired a professional CNA to assist me in the second year of the operation but I still supervised and worked every day. The aid’s name that I hired was Mary. Mary was a good companion for my mother.

One night when I walked into my mothers room and Mary was washing her hair I overheard Mary say to my mother, “You have a very good son June.”

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